Do you feel that something is taking a toll on you and your partner? Has the amount of physical intimacy reduced between you two? These are the telltale signs of a relationship fizzling out. If you too have been noticing that your relationship with your partner is on the decline, especially on a physical level, then it is time to reflect what could have gone wrong or what is going wrong!

Nevertheless, you can always bounce back by being in charge and rekindle the spark using the following pointers:

1. Make Sure That You Are Vocal Enough – Admit it. Ennui does kick in when you spend too much time with your partner. The flame burns slow because you stop voicing your appreciation for them but are quick to point out the negatives. Make it a point to compliment not just on their appearance, but also all the little things they do for you. Drop them a text randomly in the day reminding them that you truly love their contribution in your life or that, you’re thinking of them. Or you can just whisper sweet nothings in their ear when they least expect it.

2. Tell “I Love You” More Often – Remember the last time you said those three words to your partner? Has the frequency gone down? If your answer is affirmative, it is time to find ways to include them. Leave them notes on the fridge, do their chores, make breakfast in bed, send them flowers and a card, and so on and so forth. Here are some more ways to express yourself and mean that you love your partner.

3. Take A Nostalgic Trip – Nothing works like nostalgia (and it is not just for the millennials). A little trip down the memory lane can work wonders for any couple. So, how do you go about it? To begin with, make a list of everything you both enjoyed when you had first started seeing each other. Some of the ideas worth trying include but are not limited to:

· Visit restaurants that brought you close.

· Look at videos and photos you that directly transport you back to the early days of your courtship.

· Recreate some of those photos and videos.

· Run a movie marathon or binge watch a series by cozying up to each other.

· Cook a meal together to recreate the one you used to enjoy the most.

· Dance to your special song and do this on a repeat mode.

4. Bring The Fun Back – Spontaneity is the core of every long-lasting relationship, which somehow, gets buried in taking care of other responsibilities. But no one’s stopping you! Get the fun factor back with impromptu date nights, conduct a game night, hit the road with your backpacks and no plans, attend your favorite gigs or just take the day off and pamper each other with a massage, cheese and wine.

5. See The Humor – Someone rightly said that laughter is the best medicine. This is because a great sense of humor can easily help you handle even the worst of situations. When you see the funny side of things, it becomes easier for you to deal with them and move ahead without any grudges. Use it as your tool to avoid any untoward confrontation. You can also use it to make your partner laugh and keep the wheels of a great, passionate relationship going non-stop. Be wary of using negative humor though, which can do the exact opposite.

6. Learn To Take Things Slow – Stressing can lead to severe burnouts and that, in turn, can take a toll on a healthy relationship. Ditch stress by finding out ways to relax such as including healthy living habits in your daily routine. Squeeze in time for exercise, cut down on caffeine products and sugar, sleep well and leave work woes at the workplace itself.

When you’re both home, give each other undivided attention and talk about anything but things that can lead to a tense environment. All the same, convert your bedroom into a stress-free zone. Get the TV and any other screen out of it. Include relaxing furniture and upholstery, keep books and magazines, play soothing sounds or music, light some scented candles etc. to get all the positive vibes that help you both unwind after a long, tiring day!

7. Get Physical Often To Increase Intimacy – Once you’ve strengthened the mental connect with your partner, the next tip is to start showing and showering your affection using physical contact. From stealing kisses to holding hands in public, getting physical can release happy hormones. It brings you both closer like never before and rebuilds the trust, which can effectively help you get intimate on a physical level. If you haven’t been having sex regularly, redeveloping a physical connect can lead to all the action.

8. Address The Root Cause – Oftentimes, a couple may have everything going perfectly for them and yet, there seem to be something that comes their way. If men lose their libido due to stress, women can end up feeling insecure because of the way they appear down the belt! This is when they opt for various methods to rejuvenate vagina such as surgery or products that tighten the walls of the vagina. If physical insecurities are not the reason(s) why there’s less physical intimacy between you both, you might as well seek the root cause and address it at the earliest before it gets too late!

To Sum Up: Getting the spark back in your relationship can be a cakewalk with these tips and either you or your partner can take the initiative without waiting for the other to take the first step. Once you’re into the habit of being on the same page as your partner, you’ll begin to see life through rose-tinted glasses like you used to do during the heydays of your courtship.


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