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Gone are the days when the bathrooms and the vanity areas of homes used to be the blandest or the soberest spots of the living spaces, now people want their bathrooms to sport an opulent look too and we say ‘Why not?’ Bathrooms have been one of the most neglected spaces in terms of lighting and in most homes, they barely offer optimum illumination like they’re supposed to. Now looking for the right lighting fixtures to grace your bathroom may sound like a complicated process if starting from scratch but worry not, as we bring you the finest luxury lighting fixtures from The White Teak Company that not only make your bathrooms extremely functional but also add that elegant touch to it capable of sweeping you off your feet. 

Choosing the right lighting fixtures for your bathroom is not necessarily a hassle but it can be slightly tricky. Bathrooms are an extremely important part of your home and you definitely need impressive lighting designs that feed your imagination. Now there are numerous lighting fixtures that can be included in this space but only a few will truly serve your purpose. 

Getting the basics right with vanity lights 

Vanity lights are the most basic lighting fixtures to start within the bathroom but by any chance, it doesn’t mean that they are not capable of adding a touch of luxury to the space. The fixture that tops our recommendation list is Safe Haven. Suave and swanky, this fixture can efficiently light up your space like none other. If you love chrome in your decor, then It’s a Must is another beauty to go for. And if you’re looking for a fixture to create a focal point in the space, then Take the Lead will absolutely fulfil your needs. Sometimes, you may not need your bathroom to be too loud or too bright and for days like those you can go for Just Say Yes which is capable of creating a sombre mood in the space. Dark decor is something that is slowly gaining a lot of attention, and if you’re an enthusiast, then try going with Simpleton, a piece you’ll fall in love with at first glance. 

Pendant lights to add a touch of elegance 

Pendant lights for bathrooms are the new hip and have been in the spotlight for quite some time now. This trend is far from fading away and as long as you’ve got space to accommodate this lighting fixture in your bathroom, it’s the best thing you can do. You have to be careful while installing a pendant light in your bathroom and make sure that it’s at a safe distance from all the water sources. Our recommendations start with Block Party, an absolutely stunning fixture that can provide apt lighting to the entire room. Equipped with a smart LED, the brightness can be adjusted according to your mood. Here and Now is another beautiful pendant light that can add a stroke of opulence to your bathrooms.  


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