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Ring Girl Says Boxing is for Real Men, Animal Blood Sport is for Cowards

Vikki Lenola

Vikki Lenola joined United Promotions as a ring girl, expecting it to be just another life in the day of a model. Instead, she found herself awestruck by the sport. Within moments of watching the professional boxing matches, she gasped, “Oh my… it’s so intense!”

Vikki Lenola

The sought after Playboy model jested with the other ring girls from Bombshells Exclusives, “I’m conflicted. I feel like oh no, you poor thing! Every time these guys get a black eye or otherwise take a hard punch. But at the same time it’s pretty impressive they can keep going and stay so laser focused.”

So basically chicks dig scars. We knew it.

Vikki Lenola

Vikki, whose gone nude for PETA campaigns on multiple occasions, says boxing is for real men while animal blood sport is for cowards. “Boxing is where the opponents are aware of each other, both want to be there, and the fight is fair. I learned about how strategy is involved from one of the referees as well. This is all unlike blood sport, where cowardly people put innocent animals in unfair positions to kill them easily for fun, or force animals to fight each other. Cowards like that want violence but don’t have the balls to get in the ring themselves.”

The model usually has her hands full holding signs for animal rights awareness, or with luxurious handbags, representing premium vegan leather brand Doshi. We think she looks pretty good strutting her stuff in the ring too.

Miss Lenola is rumored to join United Promotions again on November 16, 2019 at the CAA Centre in Brampton.

Vikki Lenola
Vikki Lenola is a model, activist, and producer of Vegan Fashion Canada. She holds a degree in Environment, Resources and Sustainability from the University of Waterloo, along with a college Business diploma.

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