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Riverdale: Joaquin Is a Good Bet to be Betty’s Secret Brother. Jughead’s Too

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If you are a fan of the CW’s show Riverdale, then you know they have already set the plate for season two. When season one concluded, the season one mystery of who killed Jason Blossom had been solved. However, with Fred Andrews left shot at Pop’s as Archie was left screaming for help, a new mystery was born: Who shot Fred?

But that is not the only loose end the show left at the conclusion of their first season. While Betty Cooper and her mother Alice were having a conversation, Betty learned that she had a brother! The Cooper family as we knew them through the entire season consisted of mother, father and two daughters. But Alice dropped the bombshell on us that she had given birth to a baby boy back in high school, with Hal forcing her to give the baby up for adoption.

So needless to say, finding out who the mystery Cooper boy will surely be on the mind of Riverdale fans as they start thinking about season two. And it just so happens, we may have already met him!

If you connect all the dots, Joaquin, a member of the Southside Serpents who also happens to be the boyfriend of Betty’s friend Kevin, makes the most sense. To add another layer to this whole mystery, it is also entirely likely that Joaquin is related to Betty’s boyfriend, Jughead, as well!

So let’s break things down a bit, shall we.

For starters, let’s start with Alice. It was clear that Alice was hiding things the entire season. She also had several tense interactions with FP Jones. FP in the leader of the Serpents, and also the father of Jughead. It is clear that FP and Alice have a tense history.

The show made it clear that the two grew up on the same side of the tracks together. FP also kept pushing Alice about their time in high school while they were having dinner at the Cooper house. It would not shock fans one bit to learn those two spent a little time in bed with one another.

Now let’s transition over to FP and Joaquin’s relationship. As a head of the Serpents, FP needed a right-hand man. When he needed to clean up the mess that was Jason’s dead body (even though he didn’t kill him), who did he call on for assistance? Joaquin of course.

Throughout the entire season, anytime he needed to lean on a member of his crew, it was the man he planted to date Kevin. You could say the two had a very father-son type of relationship and trust. It would make total sense. Alice gives birth to his baby and gives it up for adoption. FP finds out where the baby ends up, and once he gets old enough, recruits him to the Serpents.

Now, I am not sure if Hal would be aware that Alice’s baby was not his. If he knew it wasn’t his, maybe getting rid of the baby was his way of dealing with the situation without dumping Alice. And if he didn’t know, maybe he just forced the adoption as he knew they were way too young.

As for FP and Alice, it would explain their feelings for one another. FP would be responsible for putting Alice through all she did with the pregnancy, living with the Sisters and adoption because he knocked her up. Meanwhile, FP did not get the girl and saw his son given away to another family.

To add onto things, it would help explain why Alice is not too keen on Betty dating Jughead. They just went through the whole ordeal with Polly and Jason. It turned out that the Coopers are really Blossoms, so the Coopers did not want their daughter having a kid with a Blossom.

So, if Joaquin is indeed the mystery son of Alice Cooper and FP Jones, that makes him the half-brother to both Betty and Jug. As a result, her daughter would be dating someone who shares a brother. Kind of messed up.

At the end of the season, we last see Joaquin hopping on a bus to leave town. But we know he will be back. He shares too deep of a connection with Kevin to stay away for long. So while they can use the relationship with Kevin as a means to bring him back into the fold, the Serpent will serve a much greater role in season two.

What do you think? Do you think Joaquin is the mystery son of Alice Cooper? If not, who do you think it is? And do you think this kid will also be the son of FP Jones? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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