Front-end Development

As technology is advancing, so is the way of branding the companies. The most favored tool is to have a website for your brand or company, so the customers have a piece of good hands-on information about you and your services. The websites are created using front-end web development and back-end development to make the website big free and have the data stored; these two work together and develop the required website for companies. 

AI & Machine learning has impacted front-end web development so much that companies are now directly investing in AI as they see potential in AI tools. The article will discuss the impact of AI and Machine learning on web development as a whole and Front-end development. 

Web Development

Before we understand the impact, let us understand what is web development in layman language. Web development is developing and maintaining the websites; the maintenance is done at the back end, which decides the website’s look. The developers use multiple coding languages to make the websites and give them an outlook. The use of language depends on the kind of website the client has requested. It is divided into two major categories:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end Development

Front-end development is the user side meaning the layout and interactivity are taken care of using coding languages like Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc. 

On the other hand, back-end development is the work done at the back, meaning it is the backbone of the websites. It takes care of the data storage and other things that directly impact the website’s layout and other intricacies. 

The website development companies are always on the lookout for a website developer. It is a high-paying job and does not need a college but computer language knowledge and website development skills. 

Impact on Front-end Development by AI

The rapid change in technology is a game-changer, and to survive, one needs to adapt to the change and the most of it. Front-end development has come a long way from where it started; we have seen the change in websites from static to dynamic and use of other tools on the website, the intricacies have been deepening each day. Front-end development will benefit a lot from the use of AI. 

Reduce the workload

Developers have ideas that they put into work by using coding languages; however, the use of AI technology will improve their productivity and reduce their workload. For example; They can use the sketch2code tool introduced by Microsoft. Sketch2code is an AI technology that helps the developer convert their hand-drawn ideas to working HTML prototypes. It uses computer vision to understand the idea and accordingly convert it into the HTML prototype. 

Automate the testing 

It takes a lot of time to find the bugs and then fix them on the website. To save on that time, the developers can use AI technology to speed up the testing and bug fixing process. The practice will save time and effort and ensure a rise in the development standards. Many software testing companies such as software testing company Codoid are using this technology now for testing.

User Experience

The front-end developers work on websites keeping the user experience in mind. Interestingly, the front-end developers had recently introduced chatbots on websites where the user could ask for help, and the chatbot answered. However, it is believed that AI and machine learning can ease that further because they use learning techniques to understand the information already entered by the developers in the form of codes. 


Deep Learning, AI, and Machine Learning have been leading innovations in the development sector as AI is already in demand and can ease the front-end web developers’ work and improve their productivity. On the other hand, deep learning, an improvised version of Machine learning, is being looked up to because of its capabilities to make decisions and predictions independent of humans. These innovations will further help in improvising the web development sector in the coming years.


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