A home is one of the most valuable assets you have, right? And you always want to keep it safe, elegant, and luxurious. That’s why a leaky room can be extremely disappointing. Water is one of the most insidious foes, eager to penetrate your home’s most vulnerable defenses. Once it’s inside, the damage and destruction might actually be happening far from the initial point of attack. And this makes it difficult to identify the initial source of your roof leaks.

In this case, the best defense mechanism is to exercise vigilance and fast action. Roof leaks can severely ruin insulation, damage interior ceilings plus walls, rot the wooden framing, and even become a breeding zone for black mold. Here are the top reasons why your roof is leaking:

Compromised Shingles

Roofing materials particularly asphalt shingles, become old with time. Expansion and contraction triggered by temperature changes cause aging roof protection to get brittle and eventually crack. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can end up melting the tar which holds composition shingles together. And when roofing materials run against their life expectancy, you’ll need to budget for a new roof as this might cause serious

Poor Installation

Poor workmanship is typically one of the most common causes of roof leaks. If certain materials weren’t installed properly, leaks are more likely to occur. Some of the leaks caused by improper installation might include the roof vents, chimney, the roof membrane, or roof flashing. Though these can be punctured by several other things, the poor installation of materials is perhaps one of the most prevalent issues.

Punctured Roof

Falling trees, hail, or any other objects can cause severe damage to your roof. So, after a storm, consider having an inspection. And this is particularly important if you’ve noticed the signs of a leak. Even if your roof wasn’t punctured, debris could block water flow resulting in pooling which can slowly seep into your home and cause leaks. Always keep the gutters clean and debris-free.

Improper Ventilation

Poor ventilation in rooms where there’s high moisture, like bathrooms, sunrooms, and kitchens can cause moisture buildup, which could then lead to serious damage over time. So, make sure that these rooms are well-ventilated to avoid problems such as leaks. Get a professional roof contractor like Roll Roofing @ Commercial Roof Systems to repair the ventilation system.

Old Roof

Roofs don’t last forever. When your roof materials age beyond their life expectancy, they start to breakdown, affecting the integrity of your roof. If you experience any leakage from your roof, it’s important to fix the problem immediately so as to avoid further damage or even greater expenses.

The Bottom-Line

Is your roof leaking and you’re wondering what could be causing it? Well, it could be as a result of improper ventilation, poor installation of materials, compromised shingles, or a punctured roof. Your roof could also have exceeded its life expectancy. So, now that you know the cause, it’s much easier for you to fix the issue. Don’t let a leaking room disrupt your comfort. Take the right steps and solve the matter once and for all.


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