For marketing success, Search engine optimization is considered to be the cornerstone. Many of you might think that when to call your website best? Or at the top of the heap?

To drive heavy traffic to your website, it is very important that you make your website noticeable on the page of keyword searches. According to a research by, top websites grab 36.4% traffic than the lower order websites.

The search engine of Google uses different methods in the determination of the ranks of the pages. The exact criteria are still unknown but the certain things can help us in boosting the website ranking in the google search.

But it has some schemes that take a lot of time. there is no such thing like quick in the whole procedure. The most important thing you must consider is the website that is worth visiting and the content should be in such a way that it attracts the maximum readers. If Google sniffs some gaming, it would change the entire formula.

· Use of relevant content

Publishing the relevant content is the best tool for the Google ranking and there is no alternative to this. The website gets an increase in traffic with the high-quality content and makes improvisation in the relevance and authority of the website. you need to identify the keyword phrase for the pages of your website.

· Content update

The regular updates make the website function properly and it is considered to be one of the best indicators of the ranking of the website. thus, it becomes quite important to make the content fresh.

· Metadata

The space for inserting the metadata or other relevant information has to be there when you design your website.

1. Metadata of the title

These are the page titles that are usually displayed on the window. There is the development of the automated system for the creation of the meta title.

2. Description metadata

It is the description in the text form which is used for searching the page.

3. Keyword metadata

These are the phrases used for the purpose of search typed by people for searching the page. There will be a variety of phrases, but the use of most important one should be there. The standard rule is of using 6 to 8 phrases having 2 to 4 words each.

· The website should be link worthy

Relevant links should be given within the texts. Links should always be provided with the name of the destination as it provides a better search engine to the audience. It will help in improving the search engine rankings.

· Using alt tags can also be helpful

To allow the search engine to improve your rankings, alt tags should be used to describe visual media. It helps the search engines to find out your page which is very important for those persons who make use of text-only browsers.

Whenever any person searches anything, google shows 10 results which are based on the following factors:

1. The speed of the site

2. Bounce rate

3. Backlinks

Being on the first page of the google helps your business to grow tremendously and can be an excellent opportunity for you.

Getting on the top is not enough, you have to stay there in order to achieve long-run gains. Actions should be taken to improve your ranking. Experts have proven that to make your business 10 times better than your competitors, you have to rank on the top.

According to a report by, web page that rank on top page drives 10 times more traffic than one which is ranked on page 7.

To get success, you have to work hard to get listed at the top of the Google results.

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