London is one of the most influential and important cities in the world. In the last twenty years, London has been one of the leading cities for adult entertainment, moving away from street walkers in Soho to now being a city filled with bars, restaurants, clubs and even dungeons designed for the sole purpose of adult entertainment.

In this in-depth guide to adult entertainment in London, we explore the venues designed for men, women and couples who are looking for venues to indulge in their adult desires. We look at strip clubs, sex parties, swinger clubs, BDSM dungeons and escort agencies in the capital and the laws surrounding the sex industry.


Is Prostitution Legal in London?

Prostitution is widely regarded as one of the world’s oldest professions which dates back to Roman Times. To this day, prostitution is still legal in the UK, but there are still rules surrounding the soliciting of sex. To avoid breaking the law, you must not:

  • Solicit sex in public.
  • Kerb crawl.
  • Running or own a brothel.
  • Run a sex ring.
  • Knowingly pay for sex with someone under the age of 18

If you run an escort agency, it is also against the law to have a driver take the girls to meet a client and force the girls to meet clients.


London Escorts Scene

In a recent study, figures found that there were around 80000 female escorts in the UK and of that number, 30000 of these ladies were based in London. London has one of the most thriving escort scenes in the world, which means that clients in the city have a huge choice of different call girls to book.

Soho is regarded as London’s red-light district, Chelsea has recently been in the news with escorts being found living in the Chelsea Cloisters and districts such as Bayswater, Earls Court, Paddington and Park Lane are popular areas to meet escorts.

For punters to be able to find where an escort is working, it is very common to use either an agency or directory to arrange a booking. Independent escorts will advertise their cheaper services on directories, compared to professional call girls who are represented by reputable agencies.

An example of a London escort agency is London Deluxe, who promote London escorts, pornstars and mistresses in the capital, with a great client satisfaction rate.



Swingers Clubs in London

Swinging just like dogging is very popular in the UK and there a great choice of websites and clubs you can join that have regular swingers meet ups. Some of the highest rates swinger clubs in London include:

  • Killing Kittens – Founded in 2005, the sex club holds regular meetings in London.
  • Le Boudoir – Members only swingers club located in the City of London.
  • Club Pedestal – A club designed for dominate women to be worshiped.



BDSM Venues in London

Whilst it is quite common for people with BDSM fetishes to remain very discreet and keep their fantasies to themselves, there are BDSM venues and fetish clubs in London which operate to help men and women indulge in their hidden sexual fantasies. Each specialise in their own niche so here are some I have picked out to look out for.

Rubber Cult – A rubber only fetish club, Rubber Cult holds regular events throughout the year where people can celebrate rubber, GIMP suits etc.

Torture Garden – Running since 1990, Torture Garden is one of the world’s largest body are and extreme fetish clubs in the world. TG runs events throughout the year in a hidden London dungeon.

Club Antichrist – A club that mixes fetish with goths. The club hosts 6 events every year in Islington in a dungeon where people all dressed in black indulge in their fantasies.


Strip Clubs in London

Strip Clubs are one thing London is not short of. There are hundreds of traditional gentlemen club in London where you can get a lap dance from a dancer. We cannot go without mentioning Spearmint Rhino, one of the most famous clubs in the world. Stringfellows and Vanity are also huge clubs in the capital. Just remember to keep your hands to yourself.


Sex Shops in London

The number of sex shops in London has been on the decline over the last few years as the sex ecommerce industry has moved online. As eHarmony thrives, there are still a good few stores in the city where you can purchase sex toys, BDSM equipment and fetish pieces, should you be walking down the high street.

Some of the most popular sex shops include:

  • 100 Shades of Blue
  • Ann Summers
  • Blue Rose
  • Coco De Mer
  • Fetish Freak
  • Harmony
  • Madame Liberty
  • Prowler Soho




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