Shopping Online for Philippine Made Products Through Pililokal Marketplace | When it comes to deciding the best handmade Filipino products, there is no better choice than Pililokal.

With the rise of the Southeast Asian e-commerce markets, the new potential for e-commerce has been growing more than ever before, especially with hungry artisan buyers that are looking for great quality artisan products.

As they say, this is all about you and your tastes and options, marketplaces are born out of the buyer’s desires, or a massive enough institution of individuals who need things that they can’t generally locate online.

Despite the fact that there are main structures inclusive of Amazon, and other Shopify stores that deliver to maximum purchasers’ wishes.

The Opportunity Of The Ecommerce Market

According to Oberlo, It is estimated that there will be 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021.

That’s a ton of potential customers. In fact, with the expected global population of 7.87 billion people, that’s roughly 27.2% of the world’s population shopping online.

What’s more, this number has been rising rapidly over the years and is expected to continue doing so.

The best part is that in 2021, eCommerce sales are expected to account for 18.1 percent of retail sales worldwide.

In other words, eCommerce is slowly taking over south east asia. This statistic clearly shows how eCommerce is becoming a more and more important part of global commerce.

It’s growing so rapidly that it’s expected to make up a whopping 22.0% of retail sales worldwide by 2023.

This can genuinely deliver excitement and pleasure to the consumers and usual artisan clients. These merchandises are also for the customers who’re seeking to acquire their aesthetic and minimalist ideas.

With the wonderful work output from the tough-operating Filipino fellowmen who made these merchandise with their heart and soul, the standard artisan buyers are in for a treat.

No longer simplest are the goods made from the best of elements however it additionally offers a miles less expensive price than the marketplace, it additionally guarantees pleasure to the purchasers.

The Pililokal marketplace satisfies the big marketplace of artwork lovers by giving them the enjoyment of getting luxurious artisan merchandise for them to select all at the tip of their fingertips.


We are seeing the beginnings of a new wave of Tech giants being born each year, nevertheless rest assured that Pililokal has validated to us its genuineness and product guarantees.

About Pili Lokal Marketplace

Pilí’s expertise lies in launching the local marketplace for authentic and handcrafted goods. This e-commerce platform is the home of local sellers to maximize their businesses in the community.

Pili presents three main problems:

– What are Filipino products?

– Who are the Filipino artisans/makers?

– Where do they sell?

Pili Lokal aims to solve these issues by establishing a website platform where consumers can:

– Know what Filipino products are

– Identify Filipino merchants

– Access a community of buyers and Filipino sellers


Want to support local businesses but don’t know how to? Well, get your shopping thumbs ready for PILI will soon launch its website with offers from unique local stores. This is your time to give back to your community and help Filipino entrepreneurs!

For interested merchants, simply send your queries to or contact us at +63998 902 2096.

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