CBD has many benefits, especially for those who deal with chronic pain or inflammation. It is said to possess antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, meaning that it helps protect the body against harmful chemicals/cells.

CBD for dogs joint pain has been known to be a potential treatment option. As it can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent for your canine friend.

But is using CBD oil on dogs effective, and what does it take to make this work? 

How Does CBD Oil Help Joint Pain in Dogs?

A recent scientific report has suggested that CBD has anti-arthritic activity and may help symptoms by targeting the cells that drive inflammation.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is said to be a natural compound known to possess antioxidant and neuroprotective properties. These properties can help treat various medical conditions, including chronic pain and inflammation.

And because CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, it doesn’t interfere with how you think or act as THC does. It means that your pet won’t feel drowsy or high after taking it.

CBD oil is also said to possess anti-inflammatory properties. It is one of the biggest reasons CBD oil can help alleviate joint pain and inflammation in dogs.

CBD mixes with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which explicitly regulates homeostasis and eases bodily discomfort.

What Does Science Say?

Research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania has shown that CBD can be an effective treatment for arthritis. The study tested this on mice with induced arthritis given CBD orally, either as an oil or in capsule form.

The researchers observed that the control group (given only a placebo) reported joint pain and inflammation five days after induction. On the other hand, the group given CBD orally reported a significant decline in pain and inflammation.

Another study observed that CBD helped treat arthritis through testing on rats with induced arthritis. The study found that daily oral doses of CBD helped reduce joint swelling and inflammatory cytokines compared to a control group.

The research results showed that using CBD for dogs with joint pain is an effective treatment for arthritis-related joint pain. 

How Do You Use CBD Oil on Dogs?

It is advisable to use the following steps while administering CBD oil to your pet:

Step 1: Consult with Your Vet

Before using CBD for dogs with joint pain, it is best to consult with your vet first to monitor its effects and dosage. They may also help you choose the product and guide you on how much to give your pet.

Step 2: Get the Right Product

The first thing you should do is purchase a quality CBD oil product from a reputable company. You can also request your vet for recommendations.

Step 3: Follow Dosage Instructions

Take note of the recommended dosage and give your pet this exact amount. You may consult with your vet on what to do if you think that the current dosage is not enough for your pet.

Step 4: Monitor Your Pet’s Reaction

It is always crucial to monitor your pet’s reaction while they are under treatment with CBD oil. Look out for symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, and abnormal behavior.

And if you notice any of these symptoms, talk to your vet right away for advice on what to do next.

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