During puberty, girls first experience the essence of womanhood. These body changes have deep psychological and biological effects on teenagers. Changes are daunting, so they need proper care and advice to face these challenges gracefully.

The budding of breast starts from age 8 and continues till 13 some even to 20. This process of blooming from bud to fully blossomed flower awakens the femininity and sensuality both within and outside.

Myth1 – Missing the required support

A push up padded bra has extra foam padding to give an extra push to breasts. A busty woman should opt for padded while a slimmer one should go for push up bras. Push up bras provides unconditional support for your bosom and uplifts the spirit. It not only gives the support and lift but gives an extra edge to party wear. If you wear a push-up bra on a regular basis, it gives a fuller uplifting look to your bosom and makes you special on a daily basis. All you need is confidence to wear this lingerie.

Myth2– ‘Big’ bossom to avoid pads!

Padded bras or molded cup bras have a smooth finish and give a supple contour to breasts. They perfectly match with tees and taught shirts as it gives a confident look. There is a misconception that the buxom women should avoid it. But the design of these bras makes it look firmer and compact than to enlarge it. Small breasted women look fuller and bigger in a perfect sized padded bra. Another myth is padded bras provide a more profound cleavage, but the truth is it provides a good support system and comfort. These types of bras suits women of every age

Myth3 – May not provide desired ease

A light padded bra has light padding on cups. It is lighter than padded bra yet protects your modesty. Bra cups are smooth and flawless and pair perfectly with tees and tight hugging clothes. The light padded bra gives a sleek look without the added foam. Visible bra lines are avoided when you are in clinging attire. These type of bras gives you a comfortable feeling with elegance and style. When this stylish and elegant bra comes with a lace trimming, it is mesmerizing and ardently beautiful. Light padded bra makes you feel joyful and comfortable.

Myth4 – Awkward contour shaping!!

Non-padded bra is the most popular and comfortable bra for regular use. Non-padded bras come without padding on cups to give a soft and gentle feeling and contour. To keep the natural shape of your breasts intact it is a perfect solution. The bra perfectly fits the shape of your bust. Depending on the fabric the bra can have a translucent look which is a bit tantalizing. The ultra-light fabric used in these bras which can be cotton or otherwise gives comfort. Cups of these bras can be smooth or cut and sew version to give versatility.

Myth5 – Not made for first timers

First experiences are always momentous and memorable so is the first teen bra. When the teenager is entering and experiencing a new phase and feeling of womanhood choosing the right teenage bra is essential. It is a smooth version of the non-padded bra and non-wired bra to give perfect support for breast development during puberty. You must choose with extra care as it does not put any hindrance to the growth of breasts to your teenage daughter. Slip-on teen bra without hook and eye gives comfort and support for their growing age.

Myth6 – Bra can be dispensable

No other attire is indispensable than a bra in a woman`s outfit. A bra needs to be absolutely perfect to give confidence and style. Perfect fit, style and color enhance your style and comfort. The fabric of the bra is important as it is the lifeline giving support and shape to the bra. A non-padded bra is suitable for summer as it is more airy and breathable. The band and straps give support to your bust and hold them firmly in the cups. Lacy bras allow some wobbling and swing to your breast than the padded one.

Myth7 – Any Bra could suit

As there is so much diversity in this world, so the breast shape and size varies from woman to woman. There are 7 different types of breasts, which imply not every woman can wear the same type of bras, You can be the east-west girl, round and round they go, side by side tear drop, slender figure, asymmetrical or bell shape. Tee shirt bra is ideal for an east-west girl as it brings your breast closer. Demi cup for side by side, underwire for a teardrop, fuller cups for bell shape and padded bra for the slender figure is the thumb rule.

Myth8 – Improve with self-love

Breasts are tender and need caring like any other body parts. Healthy lifestyles and eating habits can reduce the risk of diseases. A balanced and nutritious food keeps you healthy but enriches your body and soul. Eating orange, yellow vegetables and fruits enriched in antioxidant beta carotene reduce the risk of breast cancer. Green vegetables like broccoli and kale contain sulforaphane which prevents the growth of cancer cells. Weight plays a major role in health factor; your BMI should be 25 anything above; it is calling for attention. Routine exercise keeps your estrogen level normal.

Life Hacks

Vinegar is a natural deodorant, applying a teaspoon in armpits cause less sweat and keeps you fresh. Very tight bras cause skin rashes, suffocation and discomfort. Picking up the right color combination of your bra with the outfit is essential. After wearing bra makes sure the straps are not too tight or loose. Use the adjuster rings, so it fits properly on your shoulders. Padded and underwire bras need some extra care while storing otherwise they lose their shape. The spinning twisting in a machine washes ruins the shape of padded and underwire bras. Hand wash is preferred with mild detergent. A properly fitting bra enhance your femininity and confidence.

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