The Joker at Six Flags
The Joker - Six Flags

As we hit the Memorial Day opening of the Joker 4D coaster at Six Flags Over Texas, New England, and Great America, it appears as if the theme park chain has opted to focus less on original rides, and more on copy cat attractions.

While I’m sure these coasters and flat rides are worthwhile, it’s a real shame they’ve all been done before.

The new Joe 4D coaster isn’t the only attraction that Six Flags will have at multiple parks. In fact, it’s one of many. And while competitor Cedar Fair has repeat rides at their parks, they aren’t continuously adding repeat attractions.

Actually, Cedar Fair has built very few repeat rides in their history. The exceptions such as Backlot Stunt Coaster, Flight Deck, and Flight of Fear, have come from former park owners.

It’s a strategy that Six Flags might wish to get behind. All of the new coaster/thrill attractions this year at their parks were recycled ride ideas.

You’re going to find coasters and thrill rides such as Justice League Battle for Metropolis, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, Goliath ( non-RMC version ), Batman B&M, and Superman Ultimate Flight at more than one Six Flags park. Personally, I feel that’s unacceptable. Consequently, Six Flags seems to have a whole laundry list of ideas for exclusive rides at numerous parks.

Attractions such as the Joker RMC at Discovery Kingdom are what make this theme park chain so successful. You’ve got a ton of theming options with the DC and Looney Tunes universe at your disposal and should take advantage of it. Not to mention a lot of different ride types they’ve yet to introduce.

While nobody will discount the appeal of these rides, it’s the original coasters and attractions that will bring guests to different parks.

Most Six Flags do have two or three signature rides that are exclusive to a certain park. And while that’s enough to bring in a different crowd each season, as a theme park enthusiast I’d like to not have the same rides at the numerous Six Flags parks I attend.

Don’t get the impression that these copycat attractions are bad. I’m sure they are amazing coasters, flat rides, and dark rides. However, it would be nice to see Six Flags add original creations to their parks every year. Although, that’s just not the way they operate.

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