Over recent years, vaping, the alternative to smoking, has grown hugely in popularity. The number of consumers has gone from 2.8 million in 2013 to 6.1 million in 2016, meaning a rise of 120%.

The vaping site, Grey Haze, has taken a look at what has made vaping so popular. It is estimated that sales of vaping products will be worth £12 billion by 2020 and as more health conscious smokers look for an alternative to their habit, the industry will only continue to grow.

Popular across many different age brackets, vaping is most popular with 30-44 year olds and has been most successful in France and Britain. However, there are seven countries in the world at the centre of expanding the vaping market. These include Germany, South Korea, Russia, Poland and Italy.

Not only is vaping better for your health than smoking, but its variety of flavours make it more palatable to non-smokers. Although the most popular flavour remains tobacco, flavours such as fruits, sweets and botanicals mean you can kiss your partner without any complaints after vaping – long gone are the days of quickly chewing gum after smoking!

Grey Haze recommends trying watermelon as an alternative to your usual tobacco flavoured vape as this was their best selling non-tobacco flavour of 2017. Other popular flavours include coconut and chocolate as well as blueberry and pumpkin.

With the NHS now considering whether it will offer vaping as part of its treatment to help smokers quit, vaping isn’t going anywhere. If you’re a smoker curious about switching to vaping, make sure to check out the full Grey Haze infographic now!

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