Fashion is all changing every day, every hour. And with the changes comes the new trends of fashion. Sometimes it’s the clothes. Sometimes brands, it’s the accessories which go hand in hand. Fashion accessories are something that can even make a dull outfit look way too smart in a second. People generally miss out on it thinking about the need or are not aware of the benefits. Accessories do make an outfit look good. Also, over-accessorizing kills the aura, but the right kind of accessories always enhances the look.

Fashion is very volatile. With each passing day, one would indeed see a change. Sometimes the fashion way back in the 90’s emerged. Sometimes the accessories used in the olden days came back to fashion. One needs to always keep in with the trend to know what is going on. Furthermore, there are different colours or patterns which emerge every time, making it to the top. Polo mallet bracelet is one such fashion accessory that is quite a in demand nowadays. Men usually do not accessorize much, but a few things add up to make a sophisticated personality. Unlike women, there are not many accessories for men to wear, but those fees which are there are nothing less.

The charm of the Polo mallet bracelet

Polo mallet bracelets are solid looking bracelets for men now, even for women, which are in demand nowadays. With the great finesse of silver and a few grams of copper to add strength to the bracelets, these Bracelets are a strict go for men. Men are generally not so inclined towards accessories, but these Polo mallet bracelets are also one to attract them. Invented right in the heart of Argentina, these are one of the classiest of men’s accessories to look forward to. From the racecourse to the wrist, a long journey indeed for the brand and a surprise for the equestrian lovers. The ones who are crazy for the brand since it represents the horse riders can no longer contain their excitement to have this piece of charm on their wrist.

It majorly looks like a bangle, but it’s certainly not. A silver sterling bracelet is now available in gold as well as per the huge demand. It’s very easy to use and is quite flexible. It doesn’t make it hard or tangled. In a sense, men would find it easy to put on. Stretchable, flexible, durable is synonymous with Polo mallet bracelets. For Polo lovers, these Bracelets are a mark of respect and delight to the game and brand. Polo is considered a royal and elite game, Polo, has its emotions attached with the fans who find the bracelets more alluring.

Types of Polo mallet bracelets available in the market

There are some Polo Mallet Bracelets available in the market which the buyers can buy from. From being available online for the shoppers to being found in the shopping malls of big brands, these Bracelets will find a way out to your wrists. It is basically for men, but it is also available in small sizes for women due to its huge demand. So now the Bracelets are unisex and even cater to the fashion of women along with men.

Types of Polo Mallet Bracelets

  • POLO MALLET HORSE BANGLE: This is quite popular amongst sports lovers. Durable, flexible and easy to out sterling silver finished bracelet polo is for unisex.
  • YELLOW POLO MALLET BRACELET: This bracelet is made from yellow gold and has leather links attached. It is also available in black and pink gold and is designed for both men and women.
  • RAWHIDE & SILVER POLO STICK BRACELET: Found in brown leather, brown rawhide, and natural rawhide, these Bracelets are one of a kind. Fits the wrist quite comfortably.
  • SOLID STERLING SILVER HEAVY POLO MALLET CUFF BRACELET: Crafted to fit the extra large-sized men’s wrist but now available in other sizes as well. Quite attractive and very much durable.
  • STERLING SILVER POLO MALLET BANGLE DESIGN: This one is quite a favourite amongst the ladies. With some beautiful craftings and finesse, this one suits the wrist of the ladies brilliantly.

Why choose Polo Mallet Bracelets?

Polo mallet bracelets are very uniquely crafted with high definition techniques. Very flexible and easy to remove and put on, these Bracelets are quite a charm. Unlike other bracelets, they don’t run out of life, are pretty durable and not easy to break, with very intricate detailing attracting sports lovers.


One can say Polo mallet bracelets are a delight for equestrian lovers and erstwhile. There are so few men’s fashion accessories, but this one seems powerful and very attractive. No accessory lovers also take a keen interest in this piece of magic that adorns their wrist. This royal bracelet kind of adds a thing or two to the wrist and the outfit one is wearing, grabbing several eyeballs altogether.



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