What is music for you? How do you “see” music in general? Do you see it as a pleasant way to spend time? Or as a filling material to bond your daily activities together? Since you are the musician, I suppose, you see music as a way to creatively express yourself. Also, as a way to develop a career. Yeah, music can be more than just your hobby.


What do you need to do to make music your work and hobby at the same time? How is Spotify connected to it, and what is the role of Spotify promotion in your musical career? I will try to answer those silent questions in your head, and decide, whether you should do something.


So, Spotify. This music streaming service managed to gain a huge army of fans and users all over the globe, and became the most popular music service ever. More than 200 million people have more than 100 million songs available for listening. And people love Spotify, they really do. All of my friends use Spotify as their main music source, paying for the subscription and feeling extremely happy.


Do you want to know how many creators re there on Spotify? How many people also create music and upload it to Spotify? More than 10 million. That’s nuts. Even if we take 2 thousand of the most popular musicians, it still leaves us with approximately 10 million creators. Each one of them wants to create a successful Spotify career. So, what should you do?


To start building your future you have to upload your music, that’s all. Well, almost. If you just upload it, it may stay unnoticed for some time. And we don’t want that. So you should promote it. Yeah, some promotion never hurt anyone. Just give a little boost to the popularity of your music, and it will really make a difference.


Gaining fan base naturally is a slow and hard process, that involves lots of work from your side. It will be more rational to pay for the promotion, than doing it manually. Spotify promotion gives you the same result, but much faster. It will take months for you to gain a thousand plays for you, but the promotion will do it in just ne day or less. How? All that because of clever promotion channels, that are usually forgotten or ignored by an average internet user, because of their complexity. No one wants to do all that boring promotion work themselves, so they forget about it and wait for the organic result. But with the flow of time nothing changes, still no plays. And then – people abandon Spotify, abandon their dreams. Don’t be like that.


So, if you really want to make Spotify your “home” or “work”, you better act bold. Don’t let yourself forget why are you doing it, and remember – do all it takes to become famous! You need to show your creativity to the world!

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