With the 2020 NFL season coming down the home stretch, there are a handful of players who have played to the level of being consider NFL MVP. Below are my top five candidates, their chances and why they should be considered.

Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs. The clear-cut favorite to win the MVP, award the Quarterback has been getting it done in Kansas City in the estranged year of 2020. Mahomes has been a major factor in the Chiefs winning big games this year.

He’s outdueled Brady, Brees, Allen, Jackson, and Watson this season who have all been elite Quarterbacks. When you go 5-0 against those Quarterbacks, that certainly makes you a favorite to win MVP when you consistently beat the best.

Mahomes knows how to spread the ball around too, throwing 36 TD’s to eight different guys including an offensive lineman with two games to go versus five interceptions. If I would have known putting Ketchup on steak would win me an MVP award, I would have started doing it at 5 years old.

Mahomes is showing the Chiefs that he’s worth every penny of that 500 million extension that he negotiated with his agent, Leigh Steinberg this off-season.

Remaining games: vs Falcons vs Chargers

Chances of winning MVP: 70%.

Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback, Green Bay Packers

It seems like the older Aaron Rodgers is, the better he gets. He has led the Packers to another division title and possibly home field advantage in the playoffs. No one wants to play at Lambeau field in January, as cold as it gets up there, unless you’re the New York Giants of course.

When you throw 40 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions that certainly puts you in the discussion at another MVP. When you have WR Davante Adams catching everything, it certainly helps your case.

Aaron would rather add another Super Bowl for the hometown Packers and put the Rodgers vs Favre comparison to bed.

There is obviously something special with the cheese in Wisconsin and I only must drive 40 minutes to find out what that specific ingredient is. If it was up to State Farm Insurance, Rodgers and Mahomes would be Co-MVPS.

Remaining games: vs Tennessee @ Chicago

Chances of winning MVP: 20%

Josh Allen, Quarterback, Buffalo Bills.

Outside of Bills mafia, no one in the city of Buffalo was more excited for Stefon Diggs coming to the Buffalo Bills than Josh Allen. We all have seen that the 6’5 240-pound Allen is a physical freak who can throw it deep.

However, his accuracy was just a little off. The work that Josh Allen has done in the off-season has improved his overall play in 2020. His completion percentage is 68.7%, which is 10 points higher than his best season.

He’s also led the Bills to a division title, something that hasn’t happened in the city of Buffalo since 1995. I did not know what Buffalo wings were in 1995. You can thank Tom Brady for leaving the AFC East for your division title.

However, if they continue to spice things up in Buffalo we may be talking about Lombardi’s very soon in the city of Buffalo, New York.

Remaining games: @ New England-MNF vs Miami

Chances of winning: MVP 10%

Bonus Dark Horse Candidate: Derrick Henry, Running Back, Tennessee Titans.

Through 14 games, the Tennessee workhorse has 1,679 yards rushing. He is a major factor in the Titans success this season. With games against Green Bay in the cold and Houston, he will be getting a lot of touches.

2,000 yards is within reach which will spice up the BBQ, whiskey and moonshine in Tennessee which will add another piece to look at if you are voting for the NFL MVP this season.

The last time a running back got 2,000 yards on the ground was Adrian Peterson which gave him the MVP over Peyton Manning in 2012. If Derrick Henry reaches 2,000 yards he is absolutely in the conversation.

Remaining games: @ Green Bay, @ Houston

Chances to win MVP: 0% if less than 2,000 yards, 15% if more than 2,000 yards.

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