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Style: 5 Popular Beauty Trends For 2021


November 21, 2020

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The beauty trends of 2021 look set to reflect the current mood of the moment. With a hint of nostalgia and a nod to the future.

The roller coaster ride of 2020, where the pandemic took center stage, saw many working remotely where the need for makeup took a backseat. And this is reflected in the beauty trends of 2021. Less is more has become the mantra in the beauty industry as the focus has shifted to celebrating clean, natural beauty.


Up Your Beauty Regime with These 5 Top Trends


A Return to Basics

One of the key trends of 2021 is simplicity, and this best reflects in customized skincare products. A pared-down skincare routine’s basics include a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, which allows your skin to breathe. As more people become aware of their actions on the environment, the call for sustainable, environmentally friendly brands and organic formulations is rising.

Naturally derived cannabis and vegan skincare products will gain popularity as consumers are more aware of ingredients added to their skincare products and the related health effects.


Minimal Makeup

The focus of 2021 is on beauty that is effortless and minimalist. It’s about pared down makeup with the emphasis on the eyes. Freshly hydrated skin, which you can easily achieve with rose water facial spray and just a hint foundation, is the inspiration for next season’s look.

And in a nod to the 80s, the bold smoky eye look is making a comeback, while eyeliner and mascara will continue to be a staple of any makeup routine. In keeping with the natural look, colored lip balms are right on trend, keeping lips hydrated under a mask while adding a pop of color.


It’s All About the Hair

Holiday hair, imperfect and tousled, is set to trend in 2021. While the hot color of the season is caramel balayage.  The return of layers will make a return as blunt edges take a back seat.

The messy updo got the nod, as did the contemporary pixie cut with a long messy fringe swept to the side for those who prefer shorter cuts.



Channeling the feel for simplicity is hair accessories. Hot on the list are delicate headbands by Chanel made of shiny silvered colored metal with interlocking CCs in the center.

Simple black ribbons to secure high ponytails and scarves tied around the head like headbands with a small knot in the center also got the nod to old-world glamour. While pearl adorned braids, a fashion favorite is here to stay.


Nail It

Well-groomed hands and toes not only enhance but rounds off your look. The prediction for manicures is over-the-top punk-inspired or subtle and stunning such as negative space floral designs.

Mask matching nails are also trending for 2021, with bubble gum pink and shades of nudes projected to be the season’s hot colors. While French manicures will never go out of fashion.


Make 2021 Your Year

From hair to makeup, the minimalist movement looks here to stay for the foreseeable future. Embrace it with a return to beauty basics in 2021.



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