2020 and 2021 have been monumental years for many reasons. The events of the past year or so have changed the world in countless ways, including national economies, travel, and even the way we interact with our friends and loved ones.

With such a wide reach, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the pandemic has had a weird effect on the fashion industry, too. Trends that no one could have predicted dominated the past year, and entire cottage industries (like face masks) sprung up overnight!

But now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. States and countries are starting to reopen, social distancing guidelines are being relaxed, and it seems like a return to normalcy might be just around the corner. So, what are you wearing to the grand reopening of the world? Here are a few of our favorite trends that you’ll see throughout the rest of 2021.

Luxe Loungewear

As soon as lockdowns became commonplace last year, the loungewear industry experienced a shining moment like no other. Suddenly, no one had anywhere to go or anyone to see — and it turns out that when you’re not leaving the house, no one wants to really get dressed.

While athleisure has been a mainstream fashion choice for a while, 2021 has seen the sustained popularity of the full-on loungewear look. We’re talking ribbed knit cardigan and pant sets, tie-dye sweatsuits, and any look that makes you feel comfy and cozy (even when you’re at the grocery store or hitting the Starbucks drive-thru).

In 2021, you can expect to see loungewear out on the street more often. But if you’re going to rock this comfy-chic trend, do your best to elevate your look. Monochrome matching sets are ultra-sophisticated, and you can easily upgrade the look with some classic jewelry.


Long Blazers

2021 seems to mark a return to the 80s “power woman” look, with business-ready blazers appearing on runways all throughout fashion week. And we have to be honest… we love this!

The long, boyfriend-style blazer looks great on any woman, as the oversized style draws the eye down and elongates your legs in the best way. And best of all, this look is so versatile — you literally can style it in just about any way.

Looking for a casual, cool summer style? Pair your boyfriend blazer with jean shorts and a faded band tank (or a bralette, if you’re going for a sexy-chic vibe). Want something more subdued for your first day back at the office? The long blazer becomes instantly business-like matched with straight-leg trousers and a simple blouse. The possibilities are endless!


Wide-Legged Pants

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past year (and be honest, you have), you’ve probably heard about the war waging between millennials and gen z over skinny jeans. While the former generation may not be ready to stop squeezing their gams into stretch denim, the fashion world has surely moved on; the 2021 runways were filled with models strutting in their wide-legged pants.

Blame it on the news that skinny jeans can cause nerve damage, blame it on the fact that we’ve all spent the past year denim-less, but it appears this year is all about loose-fitting, oversized pants. The most popular styles feature a wide leg (like you’d see on a trouser) and a high-rise fit that cinches in your waist. Toss on a pair with your favorite top and get ready to feel the wind on your calves!

Statement Shoulders

Another 1980s fashion that seems to be enjoying a revival is the big, bold, statement shoulder. Puffed sleeves, oversized ruffles, and other eye-catching looks are popping up in boutiques everywhere for spring and summer 2021.

Whether it’s a peasant top with balloon sleeves, a dress with ruffled shoulders, or a chic coat with shoulder pads, pulling off this look is all about balance. Make sure to wear a slimmer-fitting skit or pants with your bold shoulder look to balance out the proportions in a stylish way.

Sustainable Styling

Perhaps the biggest fashion statement of 2021 is the call for more sustainable fashion across the industry. The pandemic forced fashion houses to reckon with the tremendous amount of waste that can accompany the “fast fashion” mentality, and many brands pledged to make changes to their manufacturing processes.

The luxury brands like Balenciaga and Prada made promises to upcycle and reuse materials in the past year, and it seems that smaller fashion brands are following suit. If you ask us, this is a great thing for fashion lovers everywhere! As brands invest in sustainability, we can all enjoy clothing that looks better, feels better, and is better for our planet.



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