Looking to add a spark of luxury to your home? To make some awe-inspiring changes to a dull interior? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article delves into the world of extravagance, opulence and lavishness. Whether it’s a super expensive piece of art or a customised home lift, these are the crème de la crème of luxury investments are perfect for your home.

1) Art

Amazing pieces of art can be bought online. One of the best places for this is Artfinder, where you can filter via categories, mediums or artists. For modern art lovers, you’ll find everything from abstract paintings, dadaism-style sculptures and poignant photographs. The art-choosing part is up to you. Pieces from £1,000 all the way to tens of thousands are available for your choosing.

In terms of styling your art with the interior, unless you want your home to look like a gallery, it is a good idea to align your art with your furniture. Will it be the first thing somebody sees as they walk into the room? Does its shape compliment the other objects in the space? Care must be taken when placing your art.

Lighting is also crucial to the success of an installation. It is even worth liaising with experts on this to bring out the best in a piece in terms of colour, balance and drama. If you want to be sure the art will work, try hanging an empty frame of the desired size and shape in the space. You don’t want to spend money on an incredible piece of art, only for its physical dimensions to not work with your space.

2) Customised home lift

It doesn’t get much more lavish than a customised home lift. And we’re not just talking about stairlifts, or the kinds you see day to day in high rise buildings. We’re talking gold-tinted, red carpeted, leather coated marvels of lifts. Installing a bespoke home lift sets you apart from your peers: a truly one-of-a-kind investment that is bound to get jaws to drop to the floor. It becomes a unique centre-piece in an opulent home.

But not only do these lifts add a true sense of splendour, they also provide function and convenience. Carrying heavy objects and furniture between floors suddenly becomes an easy task. It’s a genuine example of when luxury and function combine. It is also a future-proof investment for your home, not only because of the convenience it brings as your legs grow weary with age, but also because it can increase the value of your home by up to 25%.

3) Private film theatre

We all love a trip to the cinema, but we also love a night in. What’s the solution? A private theatre, of course. With no need to purchase a ticket in advance, it’s an essential feature for film buffs who can afford it. Think of comfy nights with family and popcorn, or having friends over to watch a moody film with a glass of wine or whiskey. Either sounds great to us.

Creating a private film theatre is easier than you think. Investing in a high quality projector is the most expensive part, then the interior is up to you. Whether you want a classic red velvet feel or a more elegant, monochrome touch, the choice is all yours. Just make sure you’ve saved enough for a Netflix subscription.

A home cinema is a luxurious addition to any large home with space to spare and provides amazing opportunities for entertaining at home. It will be your favorite place for your kids.

Most people think that creating a home cinema is very complicated and expensive. It could be not right. All you need is the design of the home cinema room and tech equipment. If you are looking for designing your home cinema Dubai, contact first the best Creston dealers to provide you with the best solutions regarding the design, seating, and equipment.

4) At home spa

Even in the modern era of flexible working, people still find themselves with hectic, stress-inducing routines, which ultimately has a negative impact on our physical and mental health. According to the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. In the US, an APA survey found that 84% of adults reported feeling at least one emotion associated with prolonged stress. 

To combat this and create the ideal place to relax and detox, you could consider installing a private spa. Having your own space dedicated to relaxation is an excellent investment. Luxury, yes. But certainly not meaningless. A home spa could be your method to decompress and balance your cortisol levels. Not to mention, you’ll look just fabulous after.

5) Lighting

This may not sound particularly jaw-dropping. But hear us out. When thinking about the flow of space, ambience and atmosphere in your home, lighting can be one of the most fundamental elements. Bright lights can make you feel alert and wired, while dimmer, softer lights can be relaxing and sleep-inducing. What’s more luxury than guaranteeing a good night’s sleep?

The perfect lighting combination tends to depend on the room you’re choosing for, as well as personal taste. Do you want a moody atmosphere in your dining room, as if you’re dining at a luxury restaurant? Lighting is half the battle. Or perhaps you’d like to enhance features existing in your home. We mentioned lighting before with art installation. This is just one example of how expert lighting can improve and attenuate existing pieces of luxury scattered around your house. 

Remember that lighting does not always have to be functional, but decorative too. A chandelier fitting in the dining room adds a vibrant, majestic feel, whilst colour-changing LEDs can change your mood. Whether you want to feel relaxed and content (yellow), reduce stress and blood pressure (blue) or boost libido (red), it could be possible in just a few switches.



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