Gender bifurcation has always been integral to the fashion industry. There are always men’s wear and women’s wear whether it is about clothes, shoes, or accessories. However, recent times have witnessed a tremendous shift in the mindset of people in general that has narrowed the gap between men’s and women’s fashion.

This change is also beautifully captured in watchmaking. While you still find exclusively designed gender-specific watches such as Watches of Mayfair, making a contrary choice is more encouraged than ever. In present times, you are free to choose a watch that matches your personality without gender restrictions.

Such groundbreaking choices are no more questioned and even welcomed by society. Many manufacturers are even designing watches that complement and elevate both men’s and women’s styles equally.


  • The accent of the unisex watches

The rise of unisex watches is a part of a bigger revolution that is the unisex fashion. This revolution reflects the rapidly bridging gap between the masculine and feminine styles involving everything from clothes to accessories. Women are no longer confined to choices that are pretty with smaller faces. As an increasing number of ladies preferring sporty and bigger watches, it has become a new trend.

This trend is allowing manufacturers to be more innovative and experimental with the designs and give customers wider options to pick from. The idea of the whole revolution is to choose a piece that suits your personality regardless of gender.


  • Women are much more than just dainty

Today’s women are not confined to be dainty and delicate. There are several social media trends such as ‘strong is the new pretty’ that elaborates on the power and competence of modern women. Today women are leading every domain from corporate and athletics and are more fitness conscious than ever. Now an athletic and gym-bound lady would certainly want a sturdy and robust watch to match her personality. Thus, societal change has also been a significant contributor to the rise of unisex watches.


  • Wear a watch that you love

Another factor that fuels the accent of the unisex watches trend is the increased liberty to choose what you love over what you should wear. In present times, both men and women follow their hearts while choosing their fashion statement. This selection is no more confined to gender-based prejudices. Today a woman can wear a bigger watch and a man can wear an elegant design without worrying about questioning.


  • A classic watch has a universal appeal

Anything that gets a tag of being ‘classic’ is believed to have a universal appeal and becomes suitable for all. For that reason, many female celebrities have been seen sporting heavier and bigger watches even in yesteryears. Keeping this assumption in mind, manufacturers are designing watches unconventional timepieces for women that are heavier and bigger. Thus the market is full of options that are suitable for anyone and everyone.


  • It is not just women wearing the men’s watches

In the present times, change for men from a men’s watch to a women’s watch is not much difficult. A mentioned earlier the gap is already depleted which encourages men to make choices out of the convention. For instance, a sportsman might want a lighter timepiece instead of a bulky one while training. In many such instances, men are also increasing picking lighter and smaller watches, that were once staples to women.



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