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While the world has not ended, yet 2020 and 2021 have been weird for everyone and everything, including fashion.

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Last year, fashion mainly was people lounging around in their pajamas and sweatpants and eating chips while being stuck at home. Even the fashion shows were strange. Models strutted on the catwalk with masks, and no one applauding. Spectators tuned in via Zoom, and designers had to work in unprecedented circumstances in a world that had changed radically.

It was a strange, strange time. But it seems that things are going back to normal again. First, despite the pandemic and the strange circumstances it created for fashion, creativity was not stifled. We have seen incredible designs.

They have also seen some exciting fashion trends; some are revamped versions of old trends, some are new, and some are a mishmash of both. Here are 8 of the styles that have captivated our eyes and minds:

1.   Colour, Lots and Lots of Colour

In 2020, the world seemed grey and bleak. Perhaps that is why saturated, bright colors are now increasingly popular. The colors are rich and bright. Think lemon, bubblegum pink, deep magenta, and so on. The more colorful, the better. The exciting thing about this trend is that the colors are worn, and the way they are combined is a little unexpected, off-kilter and mixy-matchy, and your polygel nail kit adds more color to it.

For instance, models walked for Miu Miu wearing marigold and bubblegum pink. It’s all topsy-turvy, but it works wonderfully, making it feel like summer all the time. What would have once been called garish or tacky have now entered the conversation, and people love it.

2.      Sparkles, Sequins, Glitter and Shine.

People sometimes call revenge dressing, where you dress as a sort of statement to break away from something that has kept you down. This definition may be unclear. As a result,  an example will be better. Princess Diana wore a stunning, short, black number after her husband publicly admitted to adultery. People called it the revenge dress because she made a statement, reclaiming the narrative after the affair.

It is the same as what people are doing with fashion post-pandemic. The pandemic forced us inside with homey clothes, and now that we’re out, we’re getting as fun and wild as possible, which leads us to sequins. Sequins are as far away as you can get from dull and drab. They are shiny, and they make a statement.

People are bringing out their most sequined pieces, and wearing them anywhere, including the coffee shop, brunch, grocery stores etc. The trend works the best when paired with basic casual things like a T-shirt or denim. People are shining, and they are looking fabulous doing it.

3.      Baring the ‘Riff

Still, 2021 has seen many bare midriffs and legs on the theme of being bold and daring. In the summer, it was bikinis, midi dresses and crop tops. But as fall approaches, things have changed a little bit, with just hints of midriffs peeking out. We see many crop jackets and crop tops, and they are styled differently from the usual.

The crop outfits are coordinated and elegant, paired with midi it maxi skirts, pantsuits, and even menswear looks with a bit of pizzazz. Models for Chanel, Peter Do and others have come out in this look, and even Lorde had this look on in her music video for Solar Power. It is a trend that is going to go strong.

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4.      Comfy Is Still Around

2020 was full of comfy, cozy fashion, and though that situation is over, people continue on the comfortable path this year. However, they are not doing it with sweatpants and pajamas, but with sweaters, sweater vests, jackets, and so on. The most famous styling for this trend is wearing clothes with an oversize fit that has some texture and detail, rather than plain or monochrome designs.

The fabric for these comfy items of clothing is things like wool or a shell for the lining. In the summer, these clothes were popularly worn with pretty much nothing under them. Still, now that the season is more relaxed and fall is here, they now layer the vests over shirt dresses, button-downs, turtlenecks and even another sweater. However, they do it, it is lovely.

5.      Prints, Patterns and More Prints

Prints are in full swing now, continuing the pattern (see what we did there?) of colorful, slightly wild trends this year. Jeans and trousers in snake prints, checkerboard, zebra stripes and punchy florals are all the rage now. Other patterns like florals and so on are also a big thing in this period.

The exciting thing about this print and pattern trend is that they are not done on the loose, floaty, wide-leg styles we initially know, but on new canvases like suits, denim, corduroy, wool and so on. They are giving conventionally drab things new life.

6.      The 90s Are Back.

This is one of those trends that have been gathering steam for a few years now. People have been incorporating 90s fashion into their looks. But this year, it has made a complete comeback, with people rocking classic 90s looks from head to toe rather than using them as accent pieces. As fall approaches, we expect to see more grungy boots and white t-shirts, or overalls with a polo, and other classic 90s styles.


Photo by Joshua Chun on Unsplash

7.      Puff Is The New Thing

The puff is all the rage right now, and it is only gaining more momentum. The puffer coat has been reinvented in bold, bright colors (keeping with this year’s general theme of colorful and wild). Seeing coats in deep purple or bright red should be expected. Curiously, bags are also getting the puff treatment. These bags have come in intricately woven leather clutches, cross body bags that remind you of a puffer coat, and many other interesting combinations.

The puff bags are both fabulous and practical, as you can select, say, a large tote that fits your laptop, a mid-size cross body for weekend errands or a mini that fits just the essentials for a night out.

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Other trends might still show up this year and carry over into the next, and it may not be full whole-body styles. It may just be accessories. We think that chic nails will never go out of style, and so it may help you. For now, though, these trends are here to stay.


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