No doubt, hair loss in men can sometimes be distressing, though it can be a natural aging process. You see, some people experience male pattern baldness which is a loss of hair caused by hormone level changes over their lifetime, and it’s common in the later years.

Unexpected or sudden hair loss can also indicate that you have a more serious health condition that needs medical attention. The good news is that, thanks to Hair Restoration Treatment Hudson Valley, you can prevent or slow down the hair loss process. This article explains the best ways to treat hair loss in men.


Hair transplants

When it comes to hair transplants, you will likely encounter two types which are follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation. Follicular unit extraction involves removing hair follicles directly from the scalp to transplant the bald parts of your scalp.

Remember that a hair transplant is regarded as surgery, so it can be painful and expensive. Besides this, you may need to go through several hair transplant treatments to have the desired results.

On the other hand, follicular unit transplantation involves removing some parts of your skin from the back of the scalp which has a lot of hair. Once the doctor removes the follicles from that part of the skin, they reinsert the hair follicles into the section of the scalp that has hair loss.


Laser treatment

The idea behind laser treatment is to reduce the inflammation that is in the follicles. This inflammation is what prevents your hair from regrowing. There is evidence suggesting that laser treatment is effective in treating hair loss, though low-level laser treatment is usually effective and safe.


Lifestyle changes

Smoking cigarettes has been linked to hair loss in men. Worse still, smoking can also cause premature graying of your hair, so it’s a good idea to quit smoking.

You can also try scalp massage to prevent hair loss. Massaging your scalp regularly can stimulate the hair follicles, meaning your hair can grow as desired.

Another best way to treat hair loss is by eating a well-balanced diet. Therefore, make sure that your diet includes fruits, vegetables, unsaturated fats, whole grains, and lean proteins.


Get a check-up

Besides your genetics, various medical conditions can also cause hair loss. So you can handle your hair loss by treating this underlying health condition. Some of the medical conditions that can cause hair loss include diabetes, sarcoidosis, iron deficiency anemia, hair-pulling disorder, and lupus. Hence, if you have any of these medical conditions and are experiencing hair loss, perhaps you should see a doctor at Numan UK and get the treatment.

The good thing is that there are several drugs you can use to treat hair loss. For example, you can use minoxidil which you can find over the counter in a liquid or foam. Apply it to your scalp at least twice a day to let your hair grow and also prevent hair loss.

Alternatively, you can take finasteride, a pill that you need to take daily. This drug can only be prescribed by your doctor. Both of these drugs can take up to a year to see the desired outcome, and you need to take them throughout the year.



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