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Style: What Men Find Extremely Sexy In Women’s Fashion!

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They often say that women fall in love with their ears and men with their eyes. Of course, we know that to be head over heels for someone, there is much more needed than just to like someone’s physical appearance, but it is undeniable that for the first sparkle to happen, looks do matter.

Moreover, it seems that there are certain things that women do (consciously or subconsciously) which make them instantly more attractive to men, such as sipping her drink slowly, tilting her head while gazing, making the first move or dressing in a specific way.

Thus, if you are wondering what it is that men find sexy when it comes to women’s fashion, continue reading.

Anything red

Red is frequently labeled as the color of love, and it seems that most men would agree with that. A lady dressed in a red cocktail dress, accessorized with just a pair of simple gold stud earrings and a delicate necklace, is guaranteed to make many heads turn when she enters a room. It doesn’t even take for a full outfit to be in red; a chic, red cotton T-shirt tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans and some chunky heeled boots is a look that a number of men will find extremely appealing. In any case, no matter for which manner of styling red into your outfit you go for, it is certain that your partner or potential partner will love seeing you in the most amorous color.


Black pantsuit

A total opposite of a red dress is a black pantsuit, but this sophisticated outfit can be quite sexy. In addition, some research show that black is the color that numerous men consider attractive when they spot a girl wearing it. Thus, get your powerful black pantsuit, but pay attention that it fits you perfectly. Combine it with a crisp, white shirt and leave a few buttons at the top open, to get a more casual and fashionable look.

Then it is time to accessorize and a pair of black stilettos and a classy automatic watch will make this style even more fabulous. Elegant stilettos will elongate your legs and make the suit look even better on you, while a high-quality watch will give out the impression of a confident and successful woman that you are. Is there a more powerful aphrodisiac than that?


Oversized and borrowed shirt

We have seen this scene a million times in the films: a girl lounging around in her boyfriend’s oversized shirt. It seems quite comfortable and cozy, and in addition, men love seeing their girlfriend/wife wearing their shirt. However, you don’t necessarily have to wear this borrowed piece of clothing only while reading a book or watching TV in the comfort of your home.

You can also style a white oversized shirt with a pair of wide-leg trousers and some loafers to get a chic, daytime look. Add on a pair of gold hoops and a leather tote bag, and you have a lovely and alluring look.

High heels

This one may not come as a surprise, as it is widely believed that men prefer when a woman wears heels over flat shoes. This may be due to the fact that high heels make legs look thinner and longer, but it may also be associated with the fact that most women feel more confident in a pair of gorgeous heels and we have already established that there is no better aphrodisiac than self-confidence. That is why it is important to opt for those high heels that are comfortable so that you can easily and properly walk in them, as stumbling and struggling to walk in the wrong pair of shoes is the opposite of sexy.

Match your heels to a daytime combination of skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder top, together with a few layered necklaces. For a romantic night out, grab a figure-flattering dress, such as a chic and trusty little black dress that shows off your curves and finish off the look with some black heeled sandals.

On the other hand, you can match a bold-colored shirtdress with a statement belt and accentuate your waist in this manner. Add a pair of lace-up heels and a delicate necklace matched with some stud earrings, and your trendy and alluring look is done.

Finally, don’t forget that what you wear is equally as important as how you wear it. Thus, try on all of the mentioned outfits and opt for the ones in which you feel the most powerful and sexy.

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