Sir Will, born Terry Williams, is an independent rapper out of Phoenix, Arizona. Sir Will takes his craft very seriously choosing to be independent to learn about the industry and have the freedom to control his own destiny. He started working on his craft at just 8 years old after seeing DJ Quik perform at a block party by his childhood home. Seeing his idol perform and control a crowd with his music inspired him to start working on music himself.

He did not always have it easy growing up. He was born to parents who were addicts who used his birth as a means to get clean. He had to grow up watching his parents struggle to get sober and deal with the trauma they caused his older siblings. He also suffered the loss of his grandmother which had a large impact on his life. She was the glue of his family and when she died his family was never the same. He worked hard to overcome this tragedy and put his energy into his music. He now works with producers to create hits and work on perfecting his craft.

Sir Will pulls inspiration from DJ Quik who was the reason he started music to begin with. He also is inspired by Drake who showed longevity in the music industry is possible and there are no limits to your success. Lastly, he uses Kendrick Lamar as inspiration as he embodies the essence of what hip hop should be.

Check out Sir Will’s newest release “F**k Yaw” and be on the lookout for his single “Sleeping Giant” being released in 2022.

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