By Sean Watson

This upcoming Sunday, I will be turning 33 years old and out of all the years that I have watched football, this by far is going to be the greatest QB duel in NFL history. There are records that are meant to be broken, but the records that will not be broken is a QB potentially having seven Super Bowl rings and playing in 10 Super Bowls.

Patrick Mahomes II is 25 years old and is going to his second Super Bowl. There are people that believe when its all said and done, he will be the greatest of all time. In this case, he would have to remain healthy for years to come, the Chiefs will have to over come salary cap issues and players getting paid. Brady for years, has taken pay cuts to keep the Patriots intact to continue to go to Super Bowls.

Do I believe Mahomes can go to 5 super Bowls and win a couple?

Absolutely, but let’s honest with ourselves, do we really believe he will win over 7 rings and go to more 10-plus Super Bowls?

The NFL has been around for over 100 years and we only saw one QB that has won over 5 rings. Its very difficult to even get to a conference championship game, let alone ten Super Bowls. When its all said and done, Brady will not only own just about every statistical QB record, other then rushing yards, but with a win, silence all G.O.A.T. talk forever.


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