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Throwback Thursday Movie Review – Clint Eastwood Goes For Gold In Kelly’s Heroes (VIDEO)

There is an old saying that "fortune favors the bold". That certainly proves to be a true statement for Private Kelly and his "partners in crime". Kelly's Heroes may take place during World War II, but it certainly isn't a glimpse at the horrors of war. If anything it's a comedy heist movie that utilizes World War II as a backdrop. Kelly and his gang boldly go forth “into the
Entertainment Featured Front Page Movies Spotlight Video/Highlights

Entertainment: American Sniper Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Chris Kyle, also known as "The Devil of Ramadi", was a U.S. Navy SEAL and the most deadly sniper in American military history. Out of over 250 possible kills, 160 have been confirmed. American Sniper tells the story of Kyle's tour of duty in Iraq as his deadly accuracy cements his place as a legend in military history. It also tells the unfortunate, but real struggle of a man who