Photos from outside NRG stadium for the Texans season opener against Washington Photo/ABC-13

HOUSTON, TX — On Sunday, the Houston Texans were preparing to face off against the Seattle Seahawks. Many Seahawk fans flocked from all over the country to watch their team play. The morning of the game, the Blue Lot was the place to be. Little did we know that this was Houston Texans Homecoming weekend.

The Texans celebrated their alumni return to Houston for a weekend full of festivities. The Blue Lot in Houston was the site of the Nuff Said Tailgaters. From the fire truck to Homecoming awards, the Nuff Said Tailgate made you feel right at home whether you were Home, Away, or just a fan of Football in general.

You had the holiday feel from mistletoes, hot chocolate and holiday snacks to traditional tailgate activities from dancing, music, socializing, and uniting as fans of the NFL. Everybody who came to the tailgate played a successful part in the tailgate except maybe the weather in the early parts of the tailgate.

You can blame the Minnesota fan that flew in from almost two feet of snow in Minnesota for that one. The homecoming awards took you back to your high school days. You had awards such as the Jock, the Nerd, all the way up to Homecoming King and Queen. The music that was played allowed you to show off your dance moves from your homecoming high school days.

It was an overall celebration of friends old and new. The Seahawk fans appeared to show up in flocks of 12 as they were preparing for their game against the Texans. Sometimes, I wondered to myself if this was a home game for the Seahawks. They just seem to travel well.

I noticed that in Minnesota too when they came to Minnesota in September. As the group photos were being taken, I was surprised with how many Seahawk fans attended the game.

Even entering the game at 4-8 the true 12’s always follow their team around.

As the tailgate was winding down and the game was about to start, everyone in the tailgate was 1-0. There was no such thing as a loser at the Nuff Said Tailgaters in Houston.

Whether you’re a fan of the Texans, the opponent, or just a football fan in general, the Nuff Said Tailgaters in Houston is the place to be. You will be treated as one of their own once you set your foot on site.

The Texans may have fallen to 2-11,but don’t tell the Nuff Said Tailgaters that. You would see them partying like they are 11-2.


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