Boss Ko is doing more than just writing verses and performing hooks; he’s flipping the entire rap scale on its head by bringing new topics to the rap verse scene. The artist is shining light on the new age of investing, cryptocurrency. As he grows as an artist, so do his investments. These new streams of lyrics on topics that are taking over the new age of hip hop are proving to be monumental for Boss Ko as each track shares a little bit about how he is taking full advantage of the cryptocurrency game.


Cryptocurrency, or summed up as just “Crypto,” has become a booming sense of investing in recent months. Though it’s been around for a while, with coins such as Bitcoin, new streams of crypto are flooding the investing scene. Boss Ko is teaching himself how to navigate through it all while still rapping about it and showing off how he’s able to move smoothly through this ever-changing market of investments.


By putting in the time and learning the ins and outs of the market, Boss Ko moves away from the traditional side of trading stocks and instead is betting on the future and the success of crypto. As he puts it in his songs, this new era of money-making is nearly untouched by most of America and is only, slowly, becoming more popular. Each day, Boss Ko listens to investment experts and seven-figure earners to help find his own success in his investing journey.


Crypto can be tricky, but by putting in the time, examples such as Boss Ko are a huge reason it’s worth looking into. To get started, Boss Ko routinely posts about his portfolio and what he recommends on his Instagram. He also shares knowledge in verses on his monthly music releases. If you listen close, you might be able to pick up on a piece of advice that could, in turn, expand your knowledge of the crypto buying and trading world. Be sure to check out Boss Ko’s most recent releases, and be sure to keep an ear out as well.


You can keep up with Boss Ko and watch as his story continues to unfold on his Instagram here, check out his releases on Spotify here, as well as listen to his Apple Music page here

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