When you transform your home folder into an Active Dropbox it will function and perform like how a Dropbox does. The only thing it will do is connect with the employee’s Active Directory Home Directory. Doing so will help employees to gain easy access from their mobile phones and desktop. It will also help you avoid unwanted Dropbox issues and when the VPN is not good. The best way to get rid of these problems is by turning the My Documents folder into an enterprise Dropbox. After that, you can synchronize all the local documents right into the company’s file server.

What exactly is a home folder in the active directory?

With the help of home folders, administrators can easily manage user accounts and back up user files after collecting the user’s file server location. Once you assign a home folder to a particular user, it will enable you to store the user’s data privately and centrally within an organization’s file server. After that, you can make a recovery and backup of information or data pretty easily and efficiently.

Along with that, the home folder within the active directory stands out as an outstanding feature for the users because the folder stays attached to the drive folder. This gives them the chance to access the folders and files from all types of devices.

How to transform a home folder to an active Dropbox?

When you have decided to transform your home folder into an active Dropbox, the best way to do so is through Triofox Solutions. It stands out as the best Enterprise Dropbox Alternative through which you can go to the company’s web portal and transform all your local files into the enterprise Dropbox folder. All the files that are saved with your local folder will get automatically transported to your home directory folder. The folders and files that were located within the current folder will become visible under the drive letter without any VPN solution. Taking up this particular solution will enable you to have complete control over the related access infrastructure and the data.

Things to know about Triofox solution

The Triofox solution will not just provide an alternative solution for your Dropbox, but will also provide many other services. It adds remote and secure access for all the files and folders and prevents unwanted issues and problems. It will also provide file-sharing options recovery and prevention, and many other things.

Apart from that, through Cloud Mapping, it will provide easy cloud migration towards private cloud storage. It stands out as the real and the best cloud server solution that you always wanted. Triofox will also provide you with web access and mobile access.

Final words!

Now, you can have direct access to all your files and folders once you transport them to an active directory. Both you and all the authorized users can have access to them with no issues. You can learn more about it through the information, which is provided in a particular document. Doing so will give you some information about it before you take up the solution for your business.



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