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Hair getting stuck in the drain is one of the common reasons you might face a clogging problem. Even if you have a drain stopper, nothing seems to stop hair strands from silently slipping through the drain. To ensure that the drain is working and flowing correctly, it is essential to check the drain for hair strands.

If you notice that the bathroom drain isn’t draining water effectively, the most likely culprit is, unfortunately, your hair. Whenever you face this issue, make sure to check for hair strands and try the following tips shared below. There will be a few tools that you may require, but there’s nothing to worry about because the blog will cover everything. Still, if you are facing issues, then you must get in touch with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown, the most reliable plumber in Hermitage.

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Baking Soda and Vinegar

Take a one cup of vinegar, cup of baking soda, a good quality dish soap, boiled water, and a cup plunger. The first thing that you will have to drain is the dish soap; right after that, drain one cup of baking soda, and ensure that the baking soda has fully drained down. Get the cup of vinegar, and then pour it right after it. You should see a chemical reaction, which will lead to fizzing.

Once the fizzing is over, take the boiled water and pour it gently into the drain. The fizzing solution will break the hair strands and clean your drain, allowing water to pass through smoothly. Throw some clean and room temperature water into the drain and use a cup plunger.

Use Tweezers

If the first tip doesn’t work, you might have to remove the drain stopper and use a pair of tweezers to remove hair from the drain. Now, this might gross you out to the core, but this is the most effective way of getting rid of those stubborn hair strands. To do this, you will need a needle-nose plier, a flashlight, and a pair of rubber gloves.

To begin the process, you will have to remove the drain stopper. If you can’t pull it easily, use the screwdriver, and you should be able to remove the stopper. Once the stopper is removed, take the flashlight and look down the pipe, and you should see a clump of hair. Wear your gloves and take the needle-nose piler to remove the hair strands. After the whole process is done, take some hot water and run it through the drain. The drain should be working properly now.

Remove the Whole Drain

For this step, you will need a pair of gloves, standard pliers, locking needle-nose pliers, adjustable wrench, plug wrench, and a flat-head screwdriver. This process will require some manual work, but if you can do it, no hair strands will be left behind, and the drain will start working as if it is brand-new. First, remove the stopper altogether. Now, take the plug wrench and insert it into the opening of the drain. Once done, fit it into the drain’s crossbars. With the help of pliers or wrench, grip the plug wrench, and turn it counter clockwise. This will loosen the drain.

Once the drain is loosened, take out the plug wrench, and take the needle-nose pliers, and insert it. With the help of a wrench or conventional pliers, grip the needle-nose plier, insert it as low as possible, and move it counter clockwise. Once the drain is loose, you will have to turn the needle-nose pliers and take out the entire drain.

Take the removed drain, wash it properly, remove hair, debris, etc. If you notice that the old drain needs replacement, now is the right time to replace it. Out it back, and you are done.

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If you notice that hair strands weren’t causing the drain to clog, it would be better to call a plumber in Youngstown to see what could be causing it. Let the professionals take care of the issue and make your drain working smoothly.

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