If you think about it, the living room is the only place where all of the family members spend their time. So, this room needs to be very pleasant to be in. And the most complicated thing about it is to achieve the design which could be equally accepted by all of the people living in the apartment. For this purpose, you need to know the tastes of each person and also implement the modern design trends.

Living room 3D planner is a tool which aims to help designers and real estate owners to improve and renovate the style of the house. With all its features and optimal user interface it is quite simple to create a plan for any room and try various design ideas for comparison. The thing is, you can save much money, because you do not have to try everything physically, just use the virtual tool.

Visit https://roomtodo.com/en/4709/room_planner/ and investigate all the possibilities for creating the best out of your existing home. First, draw the walls of the house or the apartment you want to renovate, and then think of all the furniture pieces you could place there. With a wide range of furniture 3D items, you can always find the best option for any room.

Which styles can suit the whole family?

As all the members of the family need to like this room, you have to decorate it in the most neutral way you can. However, the styles we are to talk about below also have their peculiarities and if used right can create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

1)  Minimalistic living room is based on neutral colors and most simple and natural geometric forms, so there is literally nothing to be bothered about. The shades will match among themselves and the pieces of the furniture will be both practical and attractive.

2)  High tech for living room design will be very suitable for the young family appreciating technologies. The perfect idea would be to implement smart home features into this one. It is all about neutrals mixed with chromatic elements and décor pieces. So, big chances are that your family will feel comfortable in it.

3)  Neoclassical style combines the elements of classical aristocratism and modern functionality. It does not include too much pathos, however is a good option for designing a stylish and comfortable living room. Nowadays this style is highly popular.

Of course, you can choose another style if your family has more or less similar taste. But these three will make your choice easier when it comes to completely different tastes. Also, you can always mix and match to get a unique, only yours result.

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