A brothel is a place where a group of men and women are engaged in the business of providing sexual service which is known as prostitution. Prostitution may have termed illegal in most of the cities, but still, a huge number of women are involved in this occupation just in order to support their families, give good education to their children. Prostitution is actually the oldest occupation in most of the countries such as Australia, India, etc. and a harsh reality. No matter how laws, actions were taken, but the government couldn’t banish it completely from the society. The truth behind prostitution is punitive. Every year a large number of women get dragged into this trap and then forced to do this profession. Every woman in the brothel has a story to share, but the sad thing is that no one even bothers to listen. Let us talk about some of the brothels where women get exploited in the name of prostitution.

There were some tough regulations which are already imposed in the Queensland and Victoria and being recommended to adopt by other too. But as per sex workers, these regulations are the reason which will increase the illegal activities and corruption.

Massage Parlors

According to the investigation, there were some close loopholes where hidden brothels which are working as massage parlours which are just meters away from schools.

The residents and councils of concern locality are thinking to make a way to deal this unauthorized activities like sex services and brothels.

Licensing for Sex Work

In the state of Victoria and Queensland, licensing has dropped down to a great level and the number of noncompliance increased. Whereas in NSW, decriminalization has given extremely positive health results and eliminated the crimes reporting.

The main reason for decriminalized in NSW for sex work was the corrupted police officers. These police officers were offered sexual services and alcohol, in turn, to get their business to run smoothly.

Non-Resulting Tough Regulations

The Brothel Licensing Authority in Victoria informed that if any sex worker want to work independently by visiting client’s home or hotels, but they need to register first with the authority.

In Queensland, the sex workers do not need to register themselves. The Prostitution Licensing Authority informed that since the organization was set-up around 15 years ago, there has not been a case of sex trafficking.


The Sydney’s inquiry committee said that there was a risk in the positive relationship between authorities and industry of sex work if built up strongly.

The sex workers in Victoria faced the issue, not from the clients but from the people who are very well aware of the laws for sex workers or sex work and are likely to complain to the police.

The scenario in NSW is totally different. The sex workers are able to themselves go to the police and this can make a change in their licensing system just because they would no longer trust them.

Considering the above issues faced by the sex workers of Victoria, the sex work regulations have reformed sex work laws.

These include:

  1. Instead of trying to plan and control the brothels which are already established, they have abolished the license system of brothel
  2. The people with HIV to officially begin sex work
  3. The compulsory testing of HIV and STI has been removed
  4. Ensuring that the sex worker(s) can get access to public mortgage insurance for self-employed sex work by considering profession, trade, protect personal identity or occupation under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010
  5. Allowing less or up to 4 sex workers to work in the same area without taking any pre-approval or plan.

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