About two weeks ago on a Facebook group a showed a high-definition live version of Evanescence featuring Lzzy Hale covering the song “Heavy” by Linkin Park featuring Kiiara. So here is my reaction to it.

Amy Lee starts the opening of the song on piano and her voice simply put is too high for the song . She does sound great at about the one minute and twenty three second mark right before the instruments get added.

Still the biggest issue for me with the cover is that the harmonization between Lee and Hale does not work. In my opinion it was not smooth and their voices did not blend well together in those moments.

When it comes to Hale she was perfect from the one minute and forty seven seconds to two minutes and twelve seconds. There was then more harmonization and like before it did not work. Later on in the song once the two were in a groove the harmony blended a lot better, yet overall “Heavy” is a decent cover at best.

Both Lee and Hale have collaborated before, so the two do work well together. This one though still has a lot of rough edges to figure out and I am sure tweaks will get made so it sounds a lot better.

For those who haven’t heard the cover here it is.




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