The band Citizen Soldier released another single, “Hand me Down” on the 29th of September.

I was able to listen to the song today. It got me thinking about an Instagram page called notesfromyourtherapist. Where you will find her posting things like “I’m still learning I can trust myself and my emotional needs.”

Another example is “what I learned later in life. You can’t have safe vulnerability without good boundaries.

So when I think of her Instagram, I view Citizen Soldier as if notesfromyourtherapist was a band. With “Hand me Down” it starts immediately with the lyrics of “have you ever felt so lost within? Like you don’t belong in your own skin. Like you’re the broken puzzle piece that doesn’t fit anywhere. ‘Cause no one cares.”

Later in the song lyrics of “Do I choose denial? Embrace the downward spiral? It gets so hard to face the truth. When your reality is a noose. What good is survival, when everything feels final? There’s nothing quite like this abuse, of feeling like I have no use. Stuck in a life no one would choose.”

Citizen Soldier has created another incredibly powerful song taking on the stigma of mental health. This time taking on the issue of feeling like you belong and are good enough. It’s another great song from the band and hopefully it creates an opportunity for those who are battling an opportunity to find a safe place.

Also, it will hopefully help those who are struggling to find the courage to seek help. Even if it starts with talking to someone they know about “Hand me Down.”

If you haven’t got the chance to listen to “Hand me Down” here it is.


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