Eight days ago Shinedown released a brand new single for their upcoming album being released on April 22, 2022. The song is “Planet Zero.” On YouTube it already has over 500,000 views.

So here is a reaction to “Planet Zero” from The Inscriber Magazine.

For some Shinedown fans the song is reminiscent of songs from the album The Sounds of Madness. The intro and riffs to “Planet Zero” gets you hooked from the start. Then Brent Smith’s vocals begin with “down here on planet zero, they swing the gavel hard, no words, no peace, no advocate, no signs of life so far.”

Shinedown already has the record for most singles on the Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart with 16, “Planet Zero” will now make it 17.

When listening to the lyrics you understand where Smith is coming from with the lyrics. It is all about getting your power back regardless of where you are at. in life Lyrics such as “I think we’ve reached the ceiling, they’re cancelling your feelings, on to better days or so they say, but I don’t think so. They murdered all your heroes down here on planet zero.”

In other words the song is a call to action. It is on you to make the changes especially when you feel stuck, have plateaued, or better yet aware that things need to go differently which means now is the time to do it instead of waiting.

Now for Shinedown fans April 22 cannot come soon enough.




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