In January, The Inscriber Magazine brought you the band Citizen Soldier as the band on the rise. So now it’s time to react to their latest single, “Bedroom Ceiling.”

It already has nearly 50,000 views on YouTube.  Like their songs “I’m Not Okay” and “Would Anyone Care” this song sends a powerful message about mental health. In this case “Bedroom Ceiling” illustrates why it is so important feel safe and be safe. In this scenario it is of someone who doesn’t have that. So the only way for them is to let it out when they are alone in their room while they stare at their ceiling.

Citizen Soldier uses Lyrics such as “Would you have me committed for the things I’m feeling?” and a chorus of “Oh, this is so messed up. ‘Cause I trust this room more than anyone. Oh, let me spill my guts. With the only one that will never run.  When I’m at my worst and I’m so ashamed. I open up and nobody stays. Oh no, am I that messed up? ‘Cause I trust this room more than anyone.”

The most powerful part of the song is ‘cause I’ve already found the perfect therapist. Hanging from my home. And nothing feels better than to cry like this, let me be alone. 

For me what I took from the song was about safety. What I mean is having someone in our lives that we can truly become vulnerable with. In other words admitting to someone how we are truly feeling without feeling ashamed, judged, disregarded, or mocked.

“Bedroom Ceiling” by Citizen Soldier  is powerful, will bring some to tears, and is definitely worth the listen.


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