Last week, I began doing a column called “Doomsday Scenarios” for the Power 5 Conferences, and it received quite a reaction and caused some controversy. So, why not continue this as a weekly column until we reach the conclusion of the CFP Standing season.

This past week, the SEC actually avoided being “doomed” to say the least. The SEC ‘s worst-case scenario was Mississippi, being a 2-loss team, winning its division and then the conference title.

It could have happened, BUT the Razorbacks of Arkansas sprinkled a little clarity on this issue by defeating Mississippi, and with Alabama thrashing LSU, the Crimson Tide may be on its way to locking up another division, and possible conference title. Unless, of course, it loses on Saturday at Mississippi State — and Ole Miss beats LSU. Then the SEC is doomed, I tell ya, DOOMED.

With that being said, here is my new “doomsday scenario” for the Power 5:

ACC – Again, this is as plain and simple as apple pie. If Clemson loses, good night. If North Carolina wins the conference title, good night. Basically – CLEMSON OR BUST!!!

Big 12 – besides shoddy scheduling (read LaShawn Encarnacion’s amazing column for that one), if Clemson, Ohio State and Alabama run the table and win their conference championships, and if Notre Dame runs the table and defeats possible PAC-12 champion Stanford along the way, its curtains for the Big 12, no matter how much Art Briles or Mike Gundy will complain.

Even if Oklahoma were to win out, beating Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State in its last 3 games, it will be a tough nut to crack.

Big 10 – Iowa wins the Big 10. Whoa, controversy alert here!!! How can I say that if they finish the year undefeated and win the Big 10???? Well, again, here is where strength of schedule were to possibly come in. Notre Dame’s is 12th, Iowa’s is 62nd??? That may sour the taste of the CFP committee.

Could it happen??? 50-50 here, but don’t be shocked if it were (though Hawkeye fans may riot if it were).

PAC-12 – Stanford wins out, beats Notre Dame……………and the Big 12 finishes undefeated. Wait, now you think I am confusing you. Again, try delving into the minds of the CFP committee, and this is what could happen – what happens if Baylor or Oklahoma State win out, finish undefeated (and the end of the Big 12 season is a veritable knock out round robin)??? Talk about a tough pill to swallow. Same thing can be said for Utah as well.

SEC – A three-loss Mississippi team wins the whole shebang (see above). No denying that Alabama, LSU and Ole Miss can finish with 2 losses each, and if that is the case, Ole Miss owns the tiebreaker. YIKES!!!

Well, there you have it ladies and gents, the possible doomsday scenarios for the Power 5 conferences. Will it happen? Who knows!

Could it happen – it’s college football, ya darn right it could! So, let’s strap in for 4 more weeks of mayhem, and see where the final road takes us!

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