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Twelve legendary animals guard Shangu Valley, and this year’s NFT collection, Legends of Shangu, is based on their stories. Famous comic artist David Huynh used his hands to create these NFTs. The project team needed the users to own NFTs and a piece of society with space-age utility. The framework of the project provides unique benefits to the holders.

It’s been a banner year for the NFT industry. As the universe expands, so does the number of NFT projects launched. Big companies like Instagram and VISA have had little choice but to take a closer look at the industry due to this massive expansion. Fake NFT stores and dishonest schemes have popped up as the market has grown in size and influence. In the NFT universe, legends of Shangu will be here to end the disorder and disunity.

Starting a New Advancement: The Shangu Legends

Myths and stories abound throughout China. From an ancient tale of the Jade Emperor, the Shangu legends were born. Designed to safeguard the golden gate from the terrible creature Nian, the Jade Emperor dispatched an everlasting being to Earth to assemble an army of creatures. The Legends of Shangu were born out of a desire to battle evil. The tales say that these heroes fought against Nian and brought peace to Shangu Valley.

The team has developed a creative idea to restore the NFT market’s essence, inspired by this Legend. For the Chinese New Year, a collection of 12 mythical beasts guards the Shangu Valley. David Huynh, a world-renowned cartoonist, drew these NFTs from a pool of 277 qualities. There is an estimate that each Legend of Shangu valley has 7,777 valuables in total. The legends are about to come to life, so get ready!

Who says that?

The community-based project offers users total transparency and excellent security. A Legendary is more than a non-future-focused asset. What it’s all about is owning a piece of culture that has unrivalled future usefulness, a roadmap that rewards its owners, and a market strategy devised by some of the top experts and advertisers in the digital arena. Let’s look at the project’s timeline to understand it better:

  •  When Shangu’s Valley Legends awaken to conquer the realm of Metaverse, the project will begin. An investment fund established specifically for this purpose will provide the development of our community, marketing, creating a community wallet, and other projects.
  • The first Legend in the Metaverse will be born during the awakening sale. To participate in the sale of the first Legend, people who already own David Huynh’s work can do so.
  • The story of Shangu’s legends is breaking! Marketing and community are at an all-time high. Thanks to our partnership with some of the greatest brands in the world on this campaign.
  • You will purchase a virtual block of land in the Sandbox to construct the Legends Club. The open sea will also verify Shangu’s collection.
  •  This will turn legends into a pay-to-win game. In this game, the owner of NFTs will be able to put these NFTs up for stake.
  • Continuing work with David Huynh on a second project

Work on bringing iconic characters like Drake, Chris Brown, Kylie Jenner, and Leonardo Dicaprio to the Legends of Shangu has already begun by the project leader. A new version of these symbols will be made available for use. For those who own NFT tokens for Legends, Legends’ merch line will be available just to them. Holders of the Legends Club will have access to a virtual network of entrepreneurs and icons.

The project’s goal of openness necessitates that a community vote uses the Community wallet’s cash. Purchase three legendary NFTs from this collection and receive one free group from the following one as a bonus! Holders of the LOS token can earn it by playing an NFT game based on the Play-to-Earn paradigm.

They have come up with a creative giveaway plan that includes a lot of advantages for the users. A winner will be selected if Legends NFT 10/10 collection promotion dollar is 10% SOLD. Twenty community members will each enjoy a special NFT of Legends when the stock reaches 30% SOLD. As soon as the Ethereum tokens get 50% SOLD, ten people who have minted will receive $10,000 in Ethereum as an airdrop. As we progress, the rewards likewise become more attractive.

With ninety percent of the collection sold out, 20 people will receive $20,000 in Ethereum. Five people will be working with the NFT legends if the sale hits 70%. All of the large cities where the project’s staff is based will host a legends portion.


As a result, those motivated by these historical figures now have access to a streamlined and focused acceleration platform. As a member of the governing token structure, you’ll have access to new projects before the general public, just like Shangu, which is about to launch.

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