Recently, Oklahoma and Notre Dame lost their head coaches which leaves uncertainty for both schools going forward. Florida on the other hand, had enough of Dan Mullen. Which job is the most intriguing?

Let’s explore History, all three schools have prestigious history.

There are multiple national championships from all three schools. Notre Dame with 11, Oklahoma with seven and Florida with three, for a combined 21. Oklahoma and Notre Dame also have seven Heisman winners each, while Florida has three.

If I’m going off history and traditions, I’m going Notre Dame No.1, Oklahoma No.2 and Florida No. 3

Job Stability. Oklahoma has had many long-term coaches from Barry Switzer to Bob Stoops. Most vacancies were the coaches’ decisions including recently with Kliff Kingsbury, and Lincoln Riley.

Notre Dame has had decent tenures with Lou Holtz and Brian Kelly but would be willing to fire coaches if the school doesn’t do well. Example: Charlie Weis.

Florida, besides Spurrier and Urban Meyer, stay away.

Rankings: Oklahoma 1, Notre Dame 2, Florida 3.

Recruiting. Where do the kids want to play? Florida has warm weather all the time. Oklahoma and Notre Dame have national championship rosters every season. With Oklahoma’s move to the SEC, the move adds more prestigious competition along with their rich history as they transition into their new conference.

Notre Dame is a prestigious Catholic school tucked deep in the middle of B1G country of South Bend, Indiana, and even though non-Catholics are accepted and admitted, the school’s high and very rigourus academic standards puts it at a disadvantage.

Notre Dame has the coolest logo with the leprechaun, followed by Florida, then Oklahoma. If I’m a high school recruit, I would want prestige as well as a chance for a National Championship.

Oklahoma No.1, Notre Dame No.2 followed by Florida at 3. However, all schools have their advantage’s.

Atmosphere. South Bend is unmatched. You go to a game in South Bend and it seems like the whole city is rocking, especially in primetime. Seeing a whole community at a college football game going absolutely nuts with every play call.

Oklahoma is extremely special having more than half the state behind you. Even the slogan states there’s only One Oklahoma. Florida, oh yes, The Swamp, be careful when you enter, you don’t have an alligator bite your hand off, you’d leave like Chubbs Peterson from Happy Gilmore.

With Florida and Oklahoma, you’d be getting the best competition in the country.

I’m going to go with Notre Dame No.1, Oklahoma No.2 and Florida No.3.

If I was a coach looking for a head coaching vacancy, I’d go with Oklahoma as my first choice, Notre Dame as my second, and Florida as my third. You can’t go wrong with any of the three, but Oklahoma as of recently, is always in the top ten discussion every season, no matter who the head coach is.



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