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Making strong roots in the music industry is not a child’s play. There is so much competition around this industry, and a man with guts, ambition, courage, and confidence can be successful in this industry. Everyone around us is making so much effort to achieve something they wish for, which is a success. Making strong roots in this industry has never been so easy, and every day, the industry’s competition is rising and rising. This is something that takes ambition, courage, and determination. Only the people with enough talent, courage, and intelligence and how to rule will be able to make their place in this industry.


Our American artist named “the opposite of sad” was born in Los Angeles. He once said that he was always fond of music as it always gives him chill and motivates him during his crisis. He was always drawn to listening to music, and he was obsessed with Backstreet Boys and N’Sync for a long time. When he joined the elementary school, his parents suggested joining the school band because they were fighting for money. So, he joined his school and played Alto and Sax for a long time.

We all know that we will have to face struggles when we are making our way to something. His friends and everyone around the school made so much fun of him. He had a girlfriend he loved the most left him because she was getting bullied because of their relationship. He didn’t stop even after his breakup and continued his struggles in music.

He played drums and guitar throughout his high school career to stay attached to music, but as soon as he got schooled on rave music and parties that came with it, he started working on a laptop to make electronic beats. It wasn’t until many years later he started singing and songwriting.

Facing struggles:

When he was at the stage of his life, he was in dark stages and made so many efforts. He was focused on being happy and cheerful. There was a time when memories from my past started to haunt me during the nights, and I used to cry in my bathroom. I cringed in agony. I will never forget that time, and it made me who I am right now. I love it, honestly, but, also, I wouldn’t say I like it. After those days passed, the greatest achievement I make now is waking up every day.

Getting a tattoo on his forehead:

Knowing the signs and language of the universe and nature around it is a gift. Our American artist has had a tattoo that says, “It is fucked up, but it is true,” He claims that a magic mushroom told him to make this tattoo. He is just 19 years old, and he wants to be known as “the opposite of sad” or TOOS, and he claims that the universe told him to ink this tattoo while he was tripping hard.

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