A salary range can be interesting for job candidates as they might not have a clue about the right wage to offer. But it can also deter applicants who feel like there is no way that you will pay them what they are worth- especially if this discrepancy in wages seems big enough that your company may do better without any employees at all! In order to figure out whether or not this listing would work.

Pros: Some Candidates will not Apply

Regardless of the industry, employers have a pretty clear idea about what they’re willing to spend when it comes to hiring. While some are looking for candidates who meet all three criteria (culture fit, experience and skill), others might be slightly more picky with one or two out of those three.

Unfortunately there’s an impression among job seekers that if you aren’t listing your salary range on your post then you must only offer below-market salaries while still expecting people at this level of prestige in terms culture fit/experience/skill.

Pros: Value Job Transparency Today

In these modern times, more and more people are open to discussing their salary with one another. While in the past it was commonplace for companies to hide this information from employees, now they encourage them not only because of transparency but also as a way to help others avoid under-paying wages. One reason is that many employers want or expect millennials especially share this type of personal data openly so they can make better decisions about how much money an employer should offer someone at any given time.

Cons: Not Enough Applications

The cost of living is so high that many people are willing to take a less-than-perfect job, just because the paychecks will get them closer and closer to financial stability. In addition, some candidates may believe they can find another way into their desired company once hired; if not for an increase in salary now (or at least soon after), then through promotions or other changes within the organization.

Cons: Impact on Existing Employees

If you’re looking to hire as a sales recruiter , it is important that the public information about your salary are accurate and fair. If a person currently in this position looks at what qualities they’re hiring for – such as skillset or experience level-and sees an opening with higher starting pay than their current job, there may be many feelings of resentment deep down inside them.

If you want people who have been working under high stress positions without any raises due to budget constraints feel more appreciated by providing competitive salaries from day one then carefully consider how much money should go towards wages before posting openings on sites like LinkedIn


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