relocation in Netherlands

Relocations are tricky. They require a lot of homework and pre-planning since it is a big life-changing decision. If Netherlands is the place you’re looking to move to, we want your relocation to be easier and transition to be hassle-free. Here are few basic things that you need to plan out and undertake as you decide on your relocation in Netherlands.

Learn about the country

The first and foremost step involved in planning a relocation is to do your research well. Find out in detail about the country; its culture, lifestyle, working and other such things. It is important that you know these things well in advance so nothing comes as a shock later. Relocation is a big move and shouldn’t be a hasty decision. Since Dutch people and lifestyle are easy-going and inclusive, it is not much of a hassle settling down in this country. However, it is always best to get your facts cleared at first.

Get employment and arrange housing

It is mandatory to secure employment in Netherlands before you move there. You will need a recognized sponsor to offer you employment as a skilled migrant. Find one and get it confirmed. The next thing needed is a legal work permit. For this reason, a contract will have to be signed. Then you can move ahead to apply for the work permit. Along with employment, housing arrangements need to be made too. There are lot of options for expats to live in in Netherlands such as houseboats, apartments, stand-alone houses, etc. Based on your country of origin, you can either apply for provisional residence permit or a regular one, both requiring a MVV registration. It is a document that lets you start working as soon as you move to Netherlands. Check out for more details on relocation in Netherlands.

Arrange your documents

Relocation is shifting not just yourself, but your entire life from one place to another. So you naturally cannot just get up and leave. The same is true for Relocation in Netherlands. Arrange all you documents together. There is a lot of paperwork involved for the new employment, housing, health insurance, etc. in Netherlands, so you need to be prepared beforehand with the same. Avoid last minute hassles to make the transition smoother. If you are relocating with your family, a different set of documents is going to be needed for each individual member of the family. Considering employment, housing, schooling, etc. that’s a lot of filing and submission right there so be prepared.

Get a visa

Since Netherlands is a European Union state, if you belong to another EU country, you can move there without a visa. If not, then you will be required to apply for a visa and a residence permit. Also expats living for more than four months will have to register with the government officially. Find out about the paperwork and formalities for the same when you make the big decision.

Find schools in case of moving with kids

If you are moving to Netherlands with your kids, then along with your employment and housing, you will also have to make arrangement for schooling. There are many good schools and most of them teach in English so that’s one less thing to worry about. Make a choice whether you want your kids to go to a public school or an international one and get them enrolled there so they have a fresh start as soon as you move there as well.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to relocation planning to Netherlands. There is a lot more to consider but we’re just helping you get started. Rest assured, it is a beautiful and peaceful country so you are only going to be happily welcomed. Learn a little bit of Dutch and be open to new traditions and this place will soon be your new home.

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