Whether it’s to refresh the color of the walls or paint a new apartment, repainting a room is a reasonably quick and fun way to change the look of the environments in which we move daily.


Those who dislikes “do it yourself” may hire a cheap house painter near me for this task. In reality, knowing how to organize yourself and what to do and consider before deciding to repaint a wall to transform a tedious task into a very creative moment is enough which, of course, will fill you with satisfaction.

Choose the right time to repaint

Not all moments are the same to redecorate a room or the entire apartment. In deciding when to do this, there are several aspects to consider. Suppose you live in the same place that you have decided to repaint. In that case, evaluating the external and internal temperatures and, above all, the possibility of adequately ventilating the rooms is essential.


The idea would be to carry out this operation between spring and summer because the high temperatures allow faster paint drying. Another factor to consider is how much time you have available and if you want to close the work as soon as possible or if you can postpone the interventions over several weeks, perhaps taking advantage of the weekend. In the first case, the advice is to operate in conjunction with holidays or periods off work.

The choice of color: a true art

The choice of color to repaint one’s living or working spaces is only apparently simple. In fact, there are many questions to ask. It is not enough to know our favorite color. But we must ask house painters in Los Angeles which color best suits the environment, based on the light and the floors. And again, is a combination of several colors in the same room preferable or monochrome?


To avoid being disappointed by the result, it is vital to evaluate your rooms with these questions and two fundamental elements: the floor and the natural and artificial light. For example, if the house is well exposed and makes the most of the sunlight, you can also dare and choose some cold or dark color to be used on no more than one wall.


To get concrete help, you can rely on some Apps that, thanks to augmented reality, allow you to carry out simulations of what the final result will be.

Prepare surfaces before whitewashing.

Preparing the surfaces to be whitened is the most tedious part of the whole operation, but good preparation is the basis of any excellent result you want.


Before starting to repaint, it is therefore essential to make sure that all surfaces not involved in our work are protected. Specifically, it will be necessary to protect the surfaces and furniture that will be moved or covered.


Furthermore, all hanging objects must be removed from the wall before painting: paintings, photos, lamps, and switch plates.


Subsequently, using newspaper and adhesive tape, the light points, windows, doors, and generally everything that cannot be removed or moved will be protected from any splashes of color.


Furniture, objects, and other surfaces can be covered with nylon sheets or newspaper sheets so they do not get stained and do not fill with dust. To protect the floors, on the other hand, it will be possible to use pieces of cardboard or plastic sheets, fixing them well to the walls.

How to remove mold from walls before whitewashing

Once the walls are empty, it will be necessary to check if the color is still in good condition and if there is mold present: in this second case, the mold must be removed.


In fact, if you repaint a wall where there is the presence of mold, there is a risk that the stain will come out despite the “fresh” paint and that the play of light and shadow will accentuate the stain. The color layer is very thin, and the color will not be enough to cover imperfections.


In the presence of damp spots, the wall can be treated with a suitable product or bleach, which can still lead to excellent results. If you want to use bleach, remember to dilute it with water, always keeping the room well ventilated. In this case, it will be necessary to wait three days before being able to paint the wall in question.


This entire process is what a painting services company does on interior painting and design to give your room a perfect and colorful look. However, it is best to get a reputable professional interior and exterior house painter near me, like Local Painting Los Angeles to get the job done.

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