Punta Cana

Many tourists are attracted to the Dominican Republic by perfect postcard beaches, luxury resorts, and reliable tourist infrastructure. The varied geography, from exuberant forests, mountains and desert areas, also gives tourists unique possibilities for their holidays on the beach. To plan a trip to Punta Cana, get in touch with Spirit airlines official site.

All-Inclusive Hotels

According to some estimates, 90% of Punta Cana resorts are all included. This means pre-paying travelers for room rates, food, alcohol, and some entertainment packages. Please note that certain resorts have an additional fee for restaurants or imported drinks. From your free minibar, you can even bring alcohol home.

Best time to visit

The eastern part of the Dominican Republic has a warm, dry tropical climate with an average temperature of 30C all year round. From March to July, Punta Cana is the best time to visit Punta Cana when the light rains help cool temperatures during the humid, hot days. And if you want to enjoy the pleasant sunshine in the Caribbean, it’s the perfect time to visit between the middle of July and September.

Must visit beaches

Punta Cana’s beaches have made the region popular, and it is all about gentle white sand, deep blue water, and coral reefs. There are ten different beaches in the surrounding area and numerous ways to explore: on foot, on a horse, on a jeep tour, on a diving or snorkeling tour. Watch for flags marking unsafe areas for surfing.

Rain in Punta Cana

The temperature at Punta Cana is warm for much of the year and in the 80s. In Summer, temperatures have been marginally higher, and in September and October, hurricane seasons typically strike. That said, you usually should expect pleasant weather with some unexpected and intense showers of rain. However, the rain doesn’t last for long and makes the trip more fun sometimes.

Taxi expenses

It’s expensive to rent a taxi, except with significant party sharing costs. The airport is roughly 30 minutes drive from most resorts, so the smartest and cheapest alternative is to plan a ride from the airport with the hotel. In the Dominican Republic, Uber is not yet available for Flight Booking Contact Spirit airlines reservations help desk.

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