Sheryl Swoopes

Sheryl Denise Swoopes is a proud former American Basketball player. She was the first basketball women player who signed in the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association). She is an inspiration to many women and has many fans who follow in her footsteps. If you are one of her fans, then it’s time to pay her tribute and show her some extra love by wearing cool hoodies. You might be wondering what’s the role of hoodies here. Now, you can get Sheryl Swoopes’ fan-based hoodies to cheer her for incredible work. 


Why Should You Wear Hoodies? 


Hoodies are one of the hottest fashion clothing. From women to men, hoodies have become the staple of their wardrobe. Whether it’s summer or winter, hoodies can make you look stylish and comfy all the time. They are perfect for making your style stand out from the crowd. Let’s have a look at below some trending styles which you can glam up with Sheryl’s hoodies. 


In-Fashion Trends to go with Hoodies


Relaxed Look

If you are someone who just always wants to be in the walls of comfort. Get a comfortable pair of trousers and spice up the look with the oversized hoodie. Hang out throughout the day with your friends without worrying about discomfort as you will feel only relaxed. Accessorize the look with curly hair and sports shoes. Just keep the style minimal and stay cool all the time. 


Cool Look

 If you want style & casual at the same time, then pair up the hoodie with a leather jacket. Enhance the look with sunglasses and a hat. Other jackets can also be a blockbuster choice, such as bomber jacket, denim jacket, or also trench coat. 


All Black Look

Black is never an out-of-fashion color. Since traditional times, black has been a core part of fashion. Fashionistas consider it an elite shade that speaks louder than other shades. Get yourself Sheryl’s black hoodie and match it with black denim & leather leggings. Combine the style with a watch and long black boots. 


Dress it-up Look

If you want a completely different style with a hoodie then try out the dress it-up look. Look for the extra-size hoodie that can turn into your dress. In case you are afraid that the hoodie will be short, then wear the shorts under your hoodie. Kill the look with sneakers or boots and be a part of the innovative outfit. You can also use a thin belt to create a waisted look.


Sweet Look

To experience an eye-catching girly look, then enhance the look with playful hair accessories, bags, or jewelry. This will put you more on the feminine side, and you can also wear the hoodie with a skirt or dress. 


Wrap -Up

Hoodies will never go out of fashion, so stay relaxed if you are late to style the above fashion trends. In addition, fashion has no limit so that you can curate your own style. Plus, let us know how you can wear your favorite basketball player hoodie in different ways. 

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