Home-based businesses are growing in numbers around the globe. Home-based businesses were already booming prior to COVID-19, but the recent pandemic has certainly inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs who have realized how easy and convenient it is to work from an office in their own home. With a number of people being made redundant because of the pandemic, as well the uncertainty of the job market, even more people have been inspired to create their own business from home.

This article will provide you with tips and advice for your home-based business – whether it has been up and running for 10 years or you are just starting out in the entrepreneurial game.


1.     Focus on your home office design

Let us start with design. Design is everything – it can inspire and truly drive people. Our surroundings are a huge influence on us – and if your office is a mess, then your work is going to mirror that image.

Now, everyone’s home office is different. Some people have a room dedicated entirely to work, whilst others conduct their business operations from their kitchen or living room. The truth is this: it is best to have a dedicated office space intended for work and work only.

This way, it enables the opportunity for design. Here are 3 key focus areas:

  • Frameless sliding glass walls. These are a stunning design feature for any modern office. They are beautiful to look at and make you feel like you are in a skyrise office in New York. Cover Glass provide world-class service in this sector and can ensure you achieve this look.
  • The color scheme. Do not oversaturate your home office with colors – it is a bad idea and creates an ugly aesthetic. Try and stick to a single color (or 2 complimentary ones) and keep it consistent across all the furniture and office tools.
  • Office desk and window plants. Every office needs a little ‘green’ – and yours is no exception. It adds a natural, homely feel. There are plenty of miniature desk and window plants you can buy in stores or online – so do not hesitate to buy a couple.


2.     Go paperless

It sounds shocking, but it is highly likely that paper will cease to exist in the future – it harms the environment and is, quite simply, not needed in the modern business environment.

Here are some of the best ways you can go paperless:

  • Deal exclusively in word and PDF documents. Also, download the Microsoft apps to your phone so that you can access documents with ease from any location.
  • Use apps to make notes instead of paper. Many people prefer the classic method of using a paper and pen to make notes – but in the current digital landscape, where our phones and computers have tons of apps for taking notes, it is not necessary.
  • Make and receive payments digitally. If you have employees or make frequent payments to clients and suppliers, try to do all this digitally through online banking or PayPal (if you are not already). The same applies for receiving payments – make sure to request that there is no paper involved.


3.     Emphasize your social media marketing

If you are running a home-based business, you need to be focusing on marketing (social media, specifically – not traditional marketing). Consumers are not going to magically discover your business – so make sure to join social media platforms that are relevant and beneficial for your business. There are also plenty of social media marketing agencies you can seek to help you with this.




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