Getting the right selfie is nearly impossible, whether it’s finding the right angle or the best lighting, either way, the struggle is real. Then you add which filters to use is also complicate matters as you’re looking for the best possible shot to post. Instagram now has over 800 million monthly active users.

Whether it’s for business, finding a mate or socializing with family and friends, you always want to put your best foot forward.

Dr. Philip J. Miller is an NYC based Facial Plastic Surgeon and avid photography hobbyist. He is combining his two worlds of aesthetics and photography to provide you with the best tips possible. He specializes in Rhinoplasty in NYC as has seen a jump in demand for the procedure due to the rise of social media. Specifically, Instagram is the number one app that his patients bring to a consult as they often share what they are unhappy with via their Instagram account.

Patients often cite the “ideal” nose they often include celebrities, social media stars, and other tastemakers.

Teenagers are the largest group seeking Rhinoplasty surgery as they also constitute the majority of Instagram and Snapchat users worldwide. In the video, Dr. Miller discusses using his knowledge of aesthetics and photography to put together his tips for the perfect pose. The first challenge is the type of lenses used in conventional cell phones. Coupled with arm length not being enough distance between yourself and the lens, maybe the reason for not getting the ideal selfie.

Here are some tips to get the best selfie possible:

  • 1) Look up at the camera
  • 2) Extend your head away from your neck
  • 3) Hold the camera on an angle, do not look directly in the camera
  • 4) Relax your and lips right before taking the shot
  • 5) Take your time to find the right light, very often you capture the shot you want, but the lighting is not quite right

Everyone has a better side, a right side or a left side, as you all heard the expression make sure you get “my good side.” Dr. Miller explains that there is indeed truth to that saying and usually your better side is hard to capture as the trigger button may be the opposite of your shot. That’s why it’s critical to experiment with different head positions to take the best possible photo. He also recommends trying different lighting scenarios which will also have an effect on the outcome of your post.

Once you nail down the right pose, lighting and snap the perfect photo, next, it’s time to choose the filter. With the advent of augmented reality, there are a ton of filters to choose from, some with silly ears and noses to facial distortion to get a good laugh from your friends and family. When selecting a filter for a selfie, it’s best to go with subtle changes to the photo so you can look like your best self. We tend to be extremely self-critical as its important to follow these steps to avoid any possible frustration, follow these tips and have some fun with it.

Check out Dr. Miller’s video:


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