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Tips to Boost the Conversion Rate of Your Ecommerce Website

By Harris Scott

You have finally set up your online shop where you want your customers to do their transactions.

Moreover, you have set up a powerful ecommerce website for that purpose. But one question remains unanswered: “Besides setting up an eCommerce store, what else are you doing to optimize our conversion rate?” The answers to this critical question form the basis of the post, and so, remain on board to discover tips that will help you in optimizing your website for better conversion rates.

Understanding Ecommerce Conversion: Before delving into the details of optimizing your ecommerce website for conversion, it is necessary to define a conversion. In simple terms, conversion is the process of users taking the action you want or ask them to take. If you need them to buy, and they do so, then conversion is taking place.

When we talk about conversion rate, we speak the rate at which your visitors are taking that desired action—buying.

Tips to Boost Your site’s Conversion Rate: Here are measures you can take to get the desired rate of conversion on your ecommerce website.

Boost Conversion with Security: Maintaining your website security is important to secure customer confidential information and beneficial to build strong trust and improve conversion. To cover these important factors, eCommerce owner must install a trusted SSL certificate on their server.

An SSL Certificate is a digital signature that creates a secure channel between a client browser and web server to protect user personal information (card details, name & address) during transaction.

Wildcard SSL Certificate is most preferable SSL Certificate for eCommerce industry, because it can secure unlimited sub-domains hosted under single website with a single certificate. In this competitive market, many SSL certificate providers offer cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate with latest security algorithms, SHA2 Compatibility, desktop and mobile browser support and unlimited server licenses.

This way, eCommerce marketplaces can protect end users from hackers using encryption technology, so no one can intercept their personal information. Here are some of the features of wildcard certificates:

· The Wildcard Certificate secures SSL to the numerous sub-domains that are under a single domain server.

· Some Wildcard SSL of popular Certificate Authority are issued within minutes.

· It offers you up to a 256-bit encryption to protect online transactions, such as paying using a credit card

· It supports two encryption algorithms: RSA (Public & Private Key) and DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm)

Use a Low Stock Indicator: The first measure you need to put in place to boost your conversion rate is informing your customers about the remaining quantity of your stocks. For instance, if you know a particular product will run out of stock in a week’s time, and it will be back after two weeks, you need to tell your customers so. This way, they will buy the item right away so they don’t miss out on it. Additionally, you build the confidence of your buyers by telling them that you appreciate their decision to buy that particular well.

Make it Mobile-Friendly: If you want to allow your customers to buy your items, you need to enable them to do so anytime and anywhere. To achieve this, make your ecommerce website more responsive in mobile devices since these days, people have “gone mobile”, and hence, you should make it easier for your customers to purchase using their mobile phones and tablets.

Optimize Live Chats: If you want to increase your site’s conversion rate, optimize the power of live chats as a means of supporting customers. According to the findings of one study, 90 percent of consumers value live chats, while another study shows that 63 percent are more likely to come back to a site that offers them live chat support. To add an icing on the cake, 38% of them indicated that such support motivates them to buy from such supportive websites. Remember, many customers need clarity about certain products before buying, and if they have no one on standby to give them instant answers, be sure they will either postpone or cancel the decision altogether.

Offer Toll-Free Call Numbers: If you want your customers to buy, as fast and as much as you want them to, you should give them a toll-free call number or numbers. Such a number will boost their confidence in your business since they will no longer view it as another briefcase shop “doing rounds on the Net.” Additionally, a dedicated fixed landline will help you your potential buyers to get instant help with any answers they may need before making their final decision to buy your goods.

Take Advantage of SEO: Optimizing the power of SEO is another way of boosting the conversation rate of your ecommerce website. Before you even talk of getting people to buy from your site, you need to ensure that they can reach the site.

SEO is beneficial because it makes your website visible to visitors, and hence, they are in a better position to buy your products.

To boost your site’s SEO, you ought to keep yourself in touch with the latest trends in the industry so that your campaigns can remain relevant. You need to fill your pages with accurate titles, meta tags, and relevant keywords.

Give Customers a Reason to Trust You: If you were to lose everything between you and your customers, then trust should not be one of those things. The reason is that trust is the lifeline of all your relationships, including your buyers. Therefore, you have to make all the necessary efforts that will help your customers to trust your website and pay there.

For instance, you can optimize your “About Us” page so that your visitors can get all the information they need to know about who they are dealing with. You should include your physical address and a fixed landline so that your customers can have the confidence they need to do what you want them to—buy and pay.

Identify and Target Your Online Visitors: Unless you are selling everything to everyone, you should make deliberate efforts to identify who your potential buyers are. In addition, you should study and research their online behavior using the readily available consumer data on the Net so that you can tailor your message and campaigns to suit them.

Optimize the Social Media: Building a strong presence and profile on the social media networks is effective in enhancing the conversion rate of your website. For instance, you can use Facebook or Twitter to share your company content and announcements so that your customers can share them with their friends, family, and other followers on the social media in the form of electronic word-of-mouth.

Additionally, you will be better placed to know what your customers think about your business and products through reviews and comments. This way, you will be in a better position to make your business more responsive and relevant to them thereby addressing their needs better.

Tackle Shopping Cart Abandonment: If you want to get better conversion on your ecommerce site, you should pay attention to the number of cart abandonments. The reason is that an abandoned cart is an indicator of a postponed or lost sale. Therefore, you need to find out the reasons behind the abandonment and address them decisively.

For instance, the customer can abort the buying process due to a comparison they just did while still on your site and got a better deal. Another reason shoppers abort the purchasing process is high prices. In addition, they may abort the process owing to too much information you are asking from them before buying. Lastly, they may abandon the cart due to the slowness of your website.

Deal with User Uncertainty: All buyers want safety assurance before making purchases, and hence, it is no wonder they will have questions and uncertainties that require attention. Questions about the safety of the product, how they can get it when they will receive their purchases, and the provisions of returning goods need to be addressed fully. Otherwise, if you do not deal with these valid and legitimate concerns, then you can be sure you will such lose customers.

Use Product Videos: In our age, still images are not enough, and hence, you need to complement them with relevant and high-quality videos. Videos are great for demonstrating the features and functionality of your products. Therefore, you need to use them optimally.

High Quality Product Image: To create a visual impact, you have to boost your product descriptions with quality images. You should ensure to real photos of the products in stock. To make them more effective, it is necessary to give the shopper a zoomable version so that they can see up to the smallest dimensions of the product.

Conclusion: Conversion is the essence of building an ecommerce website. However, it takes efforts and strategies to attain satisfactory conversion rates to keep you in business. We believe that the ideas we have shared in this post will help you to boost your site’s ecommerce website.

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