Online dating has become a great way for meeting new people, but there are some pitfalls that come with it. There are time wasters and weird guys on online dating platforms. The tips below from are going to help you succeed with online dating and find that special someone.

  1. Using the right sites

The site you choose for online dating is going to make a lot of difference in the type of people you are going to meet. If you are looking for something serious, consider joining sites that charge membership and ask a lot of questions when signing up. The questions can be over one hundred. People not looking for anything serious aren’t going to bother with all that work. They are also not ready to pay for something too expensive.

  1. Approaching guys

There has been a lot of stigma on girls approaching guys; most because they fear rejection or don’t want to be seen as being too desperate. One thing that many women don’t know is men aren’t put off by that. When you make the first move, you are showing self-assurance and high standards. You also get the chance of choosing who you are going to talk to.

You should be brave and don’t take rejection too keenly. You should see online dating as a numbers game, so don’t mind when your messages are unanswered. You need to be patient.

  1. Asking revealing questions

You should avoid mundane and boring questions. Asking someone about the weekend is not going to be enough. This is what everyone out there does. Put in a little more effort in the questions you ask.

You can ask him a random question like can they work 15 hours a day for one million pounds a year? Ask him if he prefers dogs or cats. Is his ideal holiday spending time relaxing on the beach or walking in the mountain? Ask about his favorite book and why. People like talking about themselves, and you are going to learn a lot about the guy you are talking with.

  1. Creating a list

Guys who want something casual are more likely to go for women who take the process casually. When you show these guys that you take online dating seriously, you are able to dissuade the players.

A good way of doing this is by putting a list of traits you want in a guy on your profile. You should be specific and come up with five things that are very important to you. Maybe you want someone who likes spending their weekends traveling. Maybe you love guys who wear hats. Maybe you want an ambitious guy. This is going to help you eliminate time wasters.

  1. More dates, less investment

Vetting online can only go so far. There is a time you have to meet with your match in person. Dates take a lot of energy and time.

It is a good idea to plan short dates when it comes to online dating. You should not invest a lot of time in going out with a person you may not have a spark with. A short date can be a quick lunch. If you go for a short date and there’s something between the two of you, then you can go for a longer second date. Using this approach will help you go on more dates and avoid painful evening dates.

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