Take Care of Your Pets During the Lockdown

The pandemic situation has brought the world to a standstill, and we are adjusting to a whole new work regime. While we are greeted by more time with our family and pets, and those pajama office attires, the downside to all this is a lack of physical activity for our pets and interim change in the dynamics of personal space. You might be thinking–what has that got to do with my pets? Read on to know more on how you should take care of your pets during the lockdown.

  1. Regulate their Sleep Pattern:

Cats and dogs typically sleep for at least 12 to 16 hours a day. This is part of their physiological built. They sleep when we are away to our offices, or when our kids are off to school. But since we are now all the time at home, they are constantly engaged with us and our kids, which makes them sleep less than they usually do.

According to WeLoveDoodles.com, you need to educate your family members and help your pets have a quiet space inside your house where they can peacefully take naps. Dogs are generally more sacrificial than cats since they differ in the human fondness scale. This means that a dog would more love to be around us and probably sleep less, rather than socially isolate itself from us and sleep. But we need to be mindful of this fact and help them rest whenever we can.

  1. Work Out a Walk Schedule:

Since most parts of the country have a “exercise one time of day” allowance now, you can take your dog for a short walk every alternate day, if not every day like before. Dogs and cats are extremely sensitive to changes in physical activities, and hence, owners should be mindful of the fact that their pets get adequate exercise. If you are blessed with a backyard, then you can set up some home-obstacle course that would keep your pets interested and active.

  1. Keep a Record of Your Pet’s Diet:

Food is the most important aspect of your pet’s health, and during a lockdown, you might face a shortage of essential pet food. Consult your vet for possible options of food that you can give your pets as an alternative. There are options like celery, which is a low-fat snack, but can dogs eat celery? Yes, they absolutely can; cut the celery stalk into small, bite-sized pieces before giving it to your dog as it can pose a choking hazard.

Pets like dogs and cats have a high rate of heartbeats, and hence their blood sugar and blood pressure are always at a brink. A balanced diet will help your pets be healthy at home and be less irritable, with all the chaos around. Keep nutritious chew toys and treats with you, to keep your pets away from chewing on shoes or furniture due to anxiety.

  1. Give Your Pet a Calm Personal Space:

When your family is at home, they might be engaged in loud TV or music sessions. Pets can get irritated with exposure to too much loud noise around. Give your dog or cat a quiet zone. Sensitize your children that pets need silence to function normally. A nice dog or a cat bed in a corner around the house should help your pets feel at ease.

These are unsettling times and we were certainly not trained or prepared for such a situation. Let us stay home as much as possible and help in breaking the chain of infection. Your pets are your responsibility, they need your attention on the double during these times.

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